Observations about the human future


Before the Big Bang.
    It is supposed than previous to the Big Bang, nothing was. Should be one imperfect nothing  when allowing the origin of the universe? We remembered the years when the emptiness was understood totally and perfectly. But when nothing is zero, it is not an impossible nothing.
    Have his advantages. For example, it allows the existence of an infinity of something, providing that it is accompanied of the same infinity of less something, in the same times. There it was allowed to the accompanied matter of the antimatter. That is to say, simultaneous with antagonistic stock result zero. A total symmetry is demanded.
    According to this, with the first energy of the Big Bang, the symmetry has to be imposed, as the Law of the Laws.
    The universe, it is sowed with symmetries in the shape of matter and antimatter, positive and negative, etcetera  They form all the stable dimensions of the energy.
   The apparent miracle of the variety is given because the symmetries can hide behind equivalences and transformations.
   Symmetries are all the mathematical equations.
   They are also behind diverse units of time. A symmetry per time, for example the pendulum, opens the space phenomena of possible apparent alternatives to variety or freedom. We see it upon the performance of each molecule while completing Avogadrós law, or particle of the uncertainty principle. The same man can become only a borrowed freedom.
   But the origin of the symmetry of  fundamental units, they seem to discover an order of priority in the order of the laws and the fundamental constants of the geometry. A priority is given by the simplest, symmetrical road and minimal energy.
   The first point could be also a symmetrical hole. The first line had to be symmetrical to an antiline. And having a centre of line symmetrical for itself. With the second minimal unit line the adjacent limit it was turning centre of symmetry between them.  Acquiring the double role of limit and centre at the same time. This double role will be decisive for the following physical evolution.
   The first constant pi and the first root of two, they were formed into first circle and first square. With the central line that divides a square or a circle obtains a centre of area. The first centre of area acquired the importance that today continues having for references of symmetry.
   But an evolution like that would eliminate the possibilities of the physical known growth. The centre of an equal area symmetrically grown about the first circle unit does not measure in half of its radius.


The man is a duel between the order and the freedom.
A duel between the content and the form.
A duel between the feeling and the reason.
The major danger, it is the ignorance of the major danger.
The Danger that the order gets confused with the domination and the freedom with the disorder.
A purpose for man-nature exists?

    These are the conclusions that you will be able to reach, without doubts, at the end of this work if we have achieved the correct expression.
Without bearing the scientific sources of order in mind exposed and submitted to discussion, incomplete, in



     This can seem some madness or an alarm, however with danger recognition, the solution is.
    What I writing this to my old age? Having an embolism piggyback, when already I do not desire any recognition and being an evil editor, with finding a long hard work me to arrange among so many drafting notes'? What I try to say, knowing the enormous quantity of exhaustive and extensive writings, better expressed of all the topics? There there are all the answers reached to person questions.
    Then, if it lacks something, they only lack the answers of the nature.
    The fact is that the nature does not respond correctly to whom it interrogates her with own points of reference. However always it is open nature to who sees her without hindrance.
    Thus the nature will show us behind what there is 1/137 and behind what there is uncertainty principle.
Science against God.

    I have to write something. I do not like to have to do it. All my familiar ancestry has been religious. I myself have tried to form a part of a religious order. But certain doubts for thinking that probably I would never excuse from me to dedicate to my life in anything that somehow were not real. Only I have a life that I cannot repeat. I do not have to allow errors me. I decided that I should insure. Up to here my conscience has arrived.
    Nevertheless, it is necessary to be clear. The religious normal deserves more respect for the natural freedom than antireligious respect. Because, always be somebody who rejects the natural freedom in order of to impose their criterion. Here it is necessary to distinguish between having to inform, even with crudity, and the fact of imposing.
   Although the God of the religions was false and we find killer minds in the religious rows,
   There are false the men who have left his life and his fortunes to devote it to the help to the others?
   Are they false the men that have made with their kindness, the sublimation of the human?
   These last attitudes belong to all the men, religious or no.
   There is something in this world with greater human valour?
   It is understandable that the balance that needs the nature for its survival needs the cruelty.
   Later we will be able to verify that the stability nature demands' balance, it is before that piety.
   From the Big Bang, science says that in the nature only the balance survives, that we called stability.
   The universe is supported by the requirements of balance.
   That is to say, implacable laws support the balances.
   The balance among force supports to the planets.
   The electrons of all the atoms are forces in balance.
   The requirements of symmetry are forms of balance.
   We live in the most gigantic and difficult set of imaginable balances, being submitted to multiple dimensions and simultaneous speeds in a permanent movement.
   Piety or the kindness, only they must belong  to the limit of the properties of the human freedom, submitted to the top balance.
   But cruelty and kindness are human perceptions, they don't belong to the properties of the physical balance.
   Then the greatness of the man must go accompanied of the comprehension of the nature that is also the understanding of the human paper.
   If in this phrase we replaced the word "nature" by "God" we will understand why that God can be in any religion.
   They see in the nature to God.
   It is certain that the religions can alternate periods of excitement and reflection.
   Then, God  with war is to alternate with God with peace.
   The Gods of the war do not spend philosophy, the Gods of La Paz need her.
   On Bam, Iran, in 26 December 2003.  The worst earthquake in a decade claimed more than 30.000 lives.
   There accumulated the ambulances, the nurses, firemen, volunteers of many countries applied  to the maximum its  physical means to help.
   Several important gods and many minor gods, we know that they are venerated in the world.
   They all are defended as the real ones though they speak different languages and have his different relics of genuineness.
   Nevertheless don't there  be any the slightest vestige of a God of any religion.
   In the Great Tsunami of December 2004, more than 10.000 dead men, similarly, the firemen and volunteers of many countries, applied the maximum  physical means to help.
   Nevertheless don't there  be any the slightest vestige of a God of any religion.
   On July 8 2006, there were 44 deaths in the metro of the Valencia Jesus Station.
   The current Pope visit, it is moved to the station.
   I believe to remember that he asked: Where are you God?
There was no response.
   But, nobody must wait to find the presence of any tangible God.
   Although big that can be the catastrophe, injustices, genocide or disasters of the humanity.
   Why this is?
Meanwhile, the fundamental nature can form a book opened for his readers.
   Being even cruel, be always present, tangible, consulted and infallible.
   Though the gods are never present, they are never tangible and we can never consult them.
   With the presence of the most primitive atom he already showed a first deposit of the laws that govern the nature.
   They are there, from the beginning of the time.
   They are experimental; has a meaning; has a language and has a why.
   They didn't write in any book. They do not have human language.
   That is to say, their laws become intelligible from all the beings and languages.
   Following the history of the origin of a simple little bird, he can offer an entire life of extensive, permanent information, present and reliable of the construction of the nature.
   Using the science, it is possible to demonstrate that there is no drop of water of rain, owed to the intercession of a God or of one saint.
   Only the religious ones refuse to recognize it.
   The scientists, who know they act lamentably as passive.
   Though of being like that the universe cannot exist.
   The new work, which will appear in the 27 August 2001 print issue of PRL, confirms earlier results by the same group, which suggested that six billion years ago the value was about one part in 105 smaller.
   of the University of New South Wales in Australia,
In August 2001, in University of New South Wales in Australia a scientist group showed a discovery.
   According to this one, after six billion years, there was a change of the value a part less for 1000000 in constant fine structure.
   Known approximately as 1/137.
   An important discussion began with the rejection by majority of scientists them  to assure which would change the universe and many things might not be what they are.
   We will have to deduce which
The God of the religions would be of more or would make the impossible physics of the universe.
   The God of the religions only is inside the human brains.
   Probably why  men already have his different gods and his different truths to his measurement?
Nevertheless we will have to wonder if the nature has some intention.
   The animals before being born bring a few orders of  genetic conduct that distinguish them.
   They have orders for the government of its future condition.
   From certain orders supposedly stored in its brains the different conduct of birds, insects, fishes, or also the characteristics of different dogs are explicable.
   To the content transmitted of these orders of conduct here we will call "program".
   When we say the creator, we will understand  the being or the cause for the creation of the nature of the universe.
   To the man a human program is supposed, which it feeds to the instinct, to the intuition and other decisions on the life.
   It stands out of the animals, for taking incorporated the use of reason, very confused with the common sense.
   It is not our object here to enter discussion on the extensive existing information in the matter, but in using an elementary conclusion's leads to our aim.
   Probably, in a future, we will be able to extend them when they appear  doubt.
   Nevertheless, we will adopt as origin of the program to an evolutionary memory.
   We see her in facts as the proteins capable of happening from the geometric state, the organic or reverse.
   Transmitting experimental functions, where its links guarantee the stability of organic processes completing the rest of the functions  of the animal life.
   The animal man is the last achievement.
   We see that the current computers, which have not fulfilled its first centenary of evolution, only are the applied physics.
   They do not need to have soul.
   In the neurology and the biophysics, from  3 billion years of evolution, they neither have discovered nor have foreseen the intervention of phenomena without physics to describes the functioning of the human brains.
   Here only we will deal for the common sense, not the experience proceeding from the life, but the fruit of the genesis of the reason that comes from the mentioned program.
   It is to say the fruit of accumulation of experience of evolution from more of 1000 million years, for the government of the man.
   Sense of government that accompanies the instinct and the intuition and any human being will accumulate to the experience development.
   We will return with this.
   Therefore, we have some common sense, which have not needed an examination of mathematics to come to us. Neither of the grammars, or spellings of no language.
   But this brings  itself the simplest synthesis of the mathematics and more complex natural expressions of the universe.
   The common sense must not be a result obtained from the analysis, but from the synthesis of the obtained, simplified aims.
   For example the functions of the proteins support the functioning of the sight, the ear or another organic evolved aim.
   These can be very complex in its dimension of detail.
   But its aim does not imply to its use.
   This way, the common sense supports our elementary needs from final aims of the most diverse ways crossed by the experience of the past.
   This is heredity as program, to the born.
   Equal for the child of the distant Eskimo or the child of the native of a jungle.
   It is what we will understand here for common sense.
So that this immense treasure is altered, drowned, made unusable or destroyed, there has been needed intervention of the conduct of the man attracted to acquisition of possible authority or with power on the laws unnoticed of nature balance.
   It is turned out to be very easy.
   It is sufficient to prevent the capacity for reasoning of the own individual.
   It is sufficient a message replaced the information-contained, imposing other one being to the arbitrament of the one prevents reasoning.
   The effective form consists of insisting on some information, daily, continuously, the whole life, imposed as the real one by the supposed authority.
   A man forced by this alteration, happens to take it from his property and can be ready to defend it until the death.
   To verify that really we are the fruit of imposed information, it has experiments very easy to verify.
   Separating of two newly born of  place and religion to different countries.
   They will absorb the information of the way that offers him.
   Also siblings, identical twin brothers, their can to transform into a suicidal one and the  one liberal.
   Summarizing, the creator of the nature has left a work totally provided with own laws of the universe, after which no link stays with his author if it is.
   The man is of some ridiculous insignificance,  to 1/13 billion years of the time universe divided between a probable infinite size.
   That is to say, we  are close to not being at all.
   Nevertheless,  being man only of the universe to the one that he reveals to his laws the creator has done the man being tied to an enormous responsibility.
   Nevertheless,  being man only of the universe to the one that he reveals to his laws the creator has done the man exclusively responsible.
   Being tied to an enormous responsibility.
    The man who has created many Gods didn't recognize the answers of the nature. Although it is always exposed, after its noses. It is she who wraps it from his birth until the death.  He treads on her under his feet.
    Then, you will have to have patience, if you want to check with me, the importance of some of  the answers that they lack.
    I write it being late. One never insures sufficiently. And material time is absent to express it correctly. If I make to check, I will be satisfied.
    All of us should know that nothing is good, and nothing is badly in the nature. Neither, in the reality. Make her good or make her badly, belongs to the human being. The good or the villains, we are we. Those who feel happy or unhappy with your environment, we are we.
If we measure the infinite possibilities of not existing, the human life is an exception. The elaboration of an exceptional miracle. I do not know if it is a work with a God, it is of the creation or more certain of the nature. Though the life is also the possibility of an immediate death.
Before continuing should say that my personal opinion does not have value. We do not ask to believe us. The value is in the demonstrations. These are not mine. They are in the nature. They are reach to all. I only present them, but there is still space for improvement.  Another thing is the interpretations to his answers. They will be the correct concepts.
    Quantum Mechanics, it is the great jump of the physics. Most responsible physicists warned the loss of control value of cause effect. And the earth opened up under our feet. There arose an extraordinary series of inexplicable phenomena. His minds were suffering a great pot-hole for lack of concepts. This was tormenting Einstein.
    Thus, Neils Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Einstein and others, they caused discussion remembered  in Solvay's Congress 1927.
Heisenberg, remind us of nights of discussions, without sleeping, among Bohr, Schrödinger and him, in Cophenague.
    To the pending concepts of the physics the representation of the mathematics meanings discovered corresponds. It was distant already, when Ernest Rutherford discovered the atoms as practically empty space around a tiny nucleus. Far from the electrons like the planets about the Sun when the centripetal force and electrostatic forces are in balance. However, the dream of the Greek wise persons was discovered. The atoms existed. Still more: the diamond of the atoms. The one that has the basic measures of the structure of the nature. The hydrogen. Close to the role of a universe of special order of symmetries and elementary entire numbers.
    This happened because the nature containing his exposed history in a window opened towards the infinitely small thing with precise measures of his structures and his capacity of movements. It was repeating it tirelessly in the shape of spectra. Now it is the moment to wonder why the Nature makes his own history written, without the necessity to exist the one who reads it.
    That image was there from the beginning of the times, exposed. For what does it? For whom does it? If the nature has not even a sense, not a destination, what does that do there? Is willing for to be interpreted? Only a being who was reaching a use of sufficient reason might do it. The images contain its historical evolution. And probably with it is continuation in the universe. Their language is only accessible to the reason use. It could even hide for intelligent beings, not projecting the code of their image. Or it had easily to hide behind the measure of a centimetre divided by followed numbers of eleven zeros. Also the gram of mass divided by numbers followed of 23 zeros.
    But, it was appearing permanently. J. J. Balmer, with R. J. Rydberg discovered they the base of their language and the formulas of structure and possible movements. It was possible to observe or measure different phenomena and qualities from different devices. We will find the frequency, energy, waves, distances, speeds, masses, spaces, positions, potentials, densities, time and others. Almost all were mutually transformable or conditioned by the energy. In them constant fundamental and natural units also appeared. These cans, to distinguish wavelengths, periods, electrons, protons, neutrons, speed of the light, pi, root of 2, 1/137. Etc.
    But some rational physics was absent to explain that. Until then, all the mathematical interpretations were physically reasonable. It was not necessary to know exactly where the electron was. They did not have a description of what really happens between two consecutive observations. These do not describe their exact trajectory. Therefore they could not follow it. Only they got to describe atomic and molecular probabilities in terms of wave functions. The effective equations could be a mixture of information. Where is simultaneous the contained shape wave with the contained shape particle. Where the particles can hit, pointing out or not pointing out the points that hit. Where adopt a space structure that interferes with each other. Where are different contents qualitatively, from the transverse directions. Empirically, only was counting the intervention of the random to measure an uncertainty consequent with the waveform. It only designates the probability among limits.
    Only they were counting with the magnitudes of effective results.  They decided to scorn the existence of concepts, as scientific attitude of fidelity to facts. Countless tests indicated the indifferent thing of to lack concepts though it does not force its nonexistence. So the equations and the figures were more valued than the qualitative causes for the symmetries.
    The rationalists face them. Among them there was Einstein, the same Schrödinger, De Broglie, etc. Without that the events, allowed them sufficiently to interpret the implacable formulas of the spectra.
    The properties of the mathematics can be dangerous if these are only to see its self mathematics. Example: The pure mathematics has many limits in infinity. Pitágoras cult whole numbers were demanding. When Hippasus persisted with the diagonal as the irrational number, Hippasus died murdered. To represent certain physical effects, natural need circumscribes levels. They are the own ones for spherical, optical scales, musical octaves, or for ours works previously mentioned. Then, the diagonal or infinite number of the first square has to be in turn, the unit number of the following square. The same that happens for a spiral of successive diagonals to the square. Pítagoras and Hippasus, if the nature needs of this expression both had reason then both mistaken at the same time.
    According to Maxwell, the energy across wavescould transporting constant flow up to the infinite. The energy needed to have limits with Planck constant energy. The gravity of Newton or Eisntein and the attraction of Coulomb, they are continuous and infinite forces. But Bohr had to limit its supposed domain in the atom among the whole numbers. So, Schrödinger had to limit the infinite functions, to proper functions. And Pauli had to put an end to the natural plurality to fix the law of exclusions. According equation the relate temperature with movement energy it should stop everything in the absolute zero but it continues impulses. (Zitterbewegung)
    If electrons have to jump for lack of continuity administered by the order of the most elementary whole numbers, it was the main problem. This forms a part of a structure produced among resonances. It is required an inexplicable knowledge exercised by those particles. These need the recognition before of the way that they will have to follow. The same thing that the bat makes in the dark. These need an echo. Although the man also has to advance the measure before ascending to the sidewalk.
But, observe a detail. Si viajáramos a la velocidad de la luz nosotros necesitaríamos otra velocidad superior que esto nos avanzó el camino. The end of its road it requires an appropriate accommodation with reflections or resonances its own measures.
    Here, in resonances' world or in symmetries' world, head or trajectory priority does not exist. When opposite to-two openings, a photon has the option to choose two symmetrical ways they act as if of same reflection or resonance.Though we supposed a speed extra for some previous recognition, here a testimony exists with similar action when a particle replaces constituent physics to escape by a tunnel.
    However it lacked rational physics to explain that. A typical phrase, after Cophenague was: “If the formulas work, let's use formulas, to let's avoid concepts.” But, this is not so innocent. The quantum mechanics deny the existence of certain physical properties' independent from the measurement. For the interpretation of Copenhagen nothing is real, until you look at it. Only, for the instant that looks at it. An electron alone exists being a wave of probability that it makes reality when it is measured. And rapidly it dissolves when you leave of to see. These can be several forms of simultaneous movements because there is not an image alone.The majority of the physicists trusting that the technical frenetic nanometric current contribute information to the problem.
    However let us mention a masked cause now of the rational rebellion. One warns that already in the mentioned Solvay Congress of 1927. Einstein was presenting numerous unfortunate examples against the basic random fundamental in the nature. Probably it is a general mistake to suppose that Einstein believed blindly in the force of his examples as tests against the indeterminism. Einstein could not avoid its rebellion. What Eisntein combated was something more serious than a numerical consequence. He never separated the idea of God of the nature like they made Pythagoras and Kepler. The laws of the creation were God's laws. On having joined God to the nature was converting to the religious inevitable all the atheistic scientists. This is the obsession accompanied with him until the death. It was understood like this by Heisenberg and also others. Though on the other hand it was correcting or destroying for consequences the beliefs of most of the religions.
    It was played with the destiny of 4500 a million years of evolution worrying Einstein, until creating gifted beings of powers of analytic view and trial of the environment, abandoned them to his luck, without procedure of defence against the random. Did the nature abandon to the objective of its evolution? Too much indeterminate grandeur.
    Is not the nature made for the men? It does not be believably that it is left the abandoned man to its luck. I do not believe in a nature without logic, unconscious, neither destination for the man. It would have to doubt if this will be the end of an evolution. But the nature must not be confused. The confusion has to be in us.
  For that reason it is necessary a revision of what says the nature that the men have not it counts.

(we will continue here, soon)

    Who is there? Why doesn't anybody respond? Where is God?
    Sometimes, one cannot face the truth without making uncomfortable discoveries.
    When the understanding depends on wanting to understand who doesn't have that will, don't lose their time, it will never be able to understand.
    What can think a theoretical physique, after a bothersome discovery?
Einstein: "If the quantum mechanics were correct, the world would be crazy" "God does not play dice".
Schrödinger: "Had I known that we were not going to get rid of this damned quantum jumping, I never would have involved myself in this business." -
Niels Bohr: "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it."
If the man is the last product of the natural evolution. Our existence, is a tangible test.
    We know the time planet evolution until the appearance of an intelligent power of capacity to communicate with extraterrestrial space. In our case it could be of a hundred years after 4500 a million years.
    All the sufficiently stable stars, they should have an orbit whose distance allows a biological temperature. Although our system was strange in the stars. To see that of the system spider cloth for example (HD44179) discovered by telescope Huble. We would have to discover the hand of an intelligent power with possible stars' countless quantity.
    They easily are not.  Perhaps for that intelligence is not very durable.
    When we travel by plane, we demand infallible perfection of behaviour of thousands of elements and involved physical processes in flight. We trust the permanent infallibility of the nature laws for the technique provision.
    Is an imaginable religion where it is demanded to the physical work of God a infallible behavior, while the believers practice the falsehood behavior?
    Our work has originated sour alarmed, and unjustified answers.More and more we fear, man's future it will depend of the use of the truth or of the error.
    For the natural judgment, truth and reality should be the same thing. While in the man's opinion, the truth can be a partial interpretation of the reality.
    I don't believe in a true God of the religions, but if is this way, without a doubt, there would be two gods. One, not physical, with who I have never been able to contact. The other is physical and tangible. With it one can speak permanently. It contains the answer to all our questions. It accompanies us since we are born, until the death and it can show us, faithfully, which our origin has been, and which it will have to be our end. These are government commandments that follow us into an enclosed program for life in all the languages. These call common sense.
    Their qualities have not still been officially recognized by the highest universities, neither for the highest ruler.
    To avoid the invasion of a planet before the ordination of ours, it is an example of the value of the common sense, in front of the interested science and the ruling authorities, that intend to invest in the conquest of Mars as a goal superiority human.
    Because, the man has attributed to him self, the decision on the truth.
    Since our brain is a great lying manipulator to our favour, our truth will never be the reality without the external objective to look. Alone, it is necessary that instead of seeing into inside us, we see into the exterior.
In the meantime:  A palpable God, who not has abandoned to their creatures, most visible in the world is shown.
 Here, have it. We're treading.

 Argentina, it has shown us  the first image of the monster created by the man, on behalf of the modern civilization: the irresponsibility.
    If a gentleman doesn't pay his errors, that gentleman doesn't need to never correct them. And, if it is able to benefit of  other people's errors, an epidemic of imitators settles.
    If there is not responsibility,  is not justice, then she is useless. Today, the man's failure is the failure of its justice that is the failure of its truth.
    In her it gets lost all faith in the man.
    Around the tribunals, are not only  signal evidences, also where less it was necessary waiting for them, in the politics's higher spheres in the world, or vice versa.
    For Edison, discovering their errors, was more valuable than to discover their successes. Ruler of the physics and their laws, easier era to imagine their machines and inventions who correcting during months or years the failures in their execution.
    He knew that proven physical law not to fail. He knew that their successes were the product, of effects corresponding to physical laws, while the failures were due to their personal errors. When they asked which their bigger discovery was, he answered:  to discover where my error was.
    As it happens in physics, to the man it can use values that assure certain results.
    However, all  who is not silly know like one deceives, or it is maintains deceived towns.
    That is what we will try.

    The man appeared when the evolution of the animal brain reached a bigger proportional number of neurons and of its connections. The man is distinguished especially for a brain that accumulates information, it processes the stimuli of the senses and the impulses that prepare the activities of the intelligence. All the men are born with a genetic memory, made through millions of years, that we feel sustaining to the intuition and that it influences in our decisions. Added experience, usually it supplants soul or spirit sense, which we resist instinctively to lose.
    The brain is a prepared organ to govern a body. It is predisposed to acquire information and to serve it with that objective. It uses the senses and some deduction techniques. If you believe that however the brain informs with fidelity to the body, observe: Their senses do not distinguish cinema as overlapping images only a successive movement. It registers heat or cold, of bigger passing to smaller temperature or vice versa. The same temperature cold registered in a moment, it will be hot another moment. Also, the senses do not usually work equally in all the men. The mirages and the illusionists deceive senses, as the swindler deceives ideas. Only is a push you feel while somebody removes their wallet. The addictions are another form of deceiving a good government of the body. Etc.
    However, to store it allows and to use small efficient programs. They continually act as contrasted truths. And the illusion of being able to judge everything, it induces us. Example:
At once of going up a sidewalk, the exact measure of a height and of the time of movement we have taken mentally of the habit. This allows us to walk without assisting to that made.

    It is presupposed that the capacity in available intelligence is in function of the quantity and quality of stored experience. The brain doesn't go endowed with not acquired information, like the studies of doctor medicine, the cook and others. We are inside the question of the limits of mind function.The brain is unable to judge objectively. Without the external confirmation, the brain is unable to judge or to select, by itself, if some information is true or false, if it is convenient or inconvenient. That explains why the brain cannot become rid of the compulsions.
You will think, I can assure that something is true or false, but you have needed his experience or the one of others. To contrast need of the exterior.

    Therefore, if you believe in the ideas that sprout from their brain, they really possess a guarantee, you are, probably, disabled for the access to the objective reality. On the contrary, if you believe that their brain is not valid to advance the truth, you open up to the capacity to obtain it. The scientists and the technicians had to learn it, before, philosophers and the other men. The external practice makes them an objective law in its unconscious. According with her, the obtained result depends on the correct magnitudes that are managed.

    If you are not bad, this can be very useful to you. Enough with adding him three word. The obtained result in the life depends on the correct magnitudes that are managed. (In this case the magnitudes are of values not necessarily physical.) If you are a frustrated man, think where you have made an error.

   A normal function in a brain free of influences is the result of feeling a window open to the world that surrounds him. There is not exception. There are not limits. It is incessant absorption of information of their environment, accumulating it and filing it, in the biggest possible quantity. As a being that wants to know where it is and all greatness of which is it a part. The lion and the enemy, the prey and the death they are only part of the show. The death doesn't still burden because it is alive and still has to understand it.
   The neuroscience and the synergy, they check as the diversity creates intelligence. Some neurologists affirm that the mind begins its age when it loses the curiosity. The institute of investigation of Stanford says that we use only 2-% to 5%-cerebral capacity.
   That open behaviour stays a lifetime, if with resonant fixed ideas it not is restricting.

   The fixed ideas are a necessary resource for the government from the brain. When not be characteristically resonant, they rest in the memory until being required. Their extension is due to the variety of its applications. Nonresonant examples: At the university, was taught Greek and Latin: memory; repeat, repeat, repeat; don't think, just do it. In order to learn the multiplication table, a song, or the habituating to the fingers to play the piano, we need to repeat their use sufficiently until retaining this information in the memory. It follows some extensive etcetera.

   Why does the brain spend the life in reorganizing its connection neurons unfailingly? What relationship has the permanent reorganization with the function of the brain?
   It is supposed that it is an indefatigable preparation of the contained information to provide a quick reaction to deductive properties of the brain. Their effectiveness will depend on the quantity of available information (having its memory).
   Here, the resonant fixed ideas should act as instruments' to deductive brain service. We call them resonant ideas' figured sense by affectation showed with all kindred information. This is used to compare, to filter or to reject this way elaborating the maintenance of the new available answer. Regrettably, see then we have to study them and to understand them, generally, through causes and distanced effects. Although it lacks confirmation, some day they are maybe identified as circuits of certain structures of neurons. Not confuse them with the singular resonant neurons.
   The new available ordination becomes a property that will base the sense of me. As attitude that alone is born of their own information, it is indifferent to the information that does not produce resonance. Consequently, the deduction is blind, limited and disabled, to recognize all other people's information that has not gone by its sieve. It is limited to the use of the attributions for their nature as the only information characteristic of their body to defend in the life and to distrust of the other people's watching. This reaction to the action of the circumstance, also is an automatic defence of the own thing in belonging to the animals. And by their limitations, is the most false sense adapted to the human brain.

   However, the human superiority reaches another dimension that overcomes these limitations. It would be overcoming the information contributed directly. It is to obtain at a superior level a deduction that is not equally spontaneous to all.

    Let us know the negative aspects of the resonant fixed ideas. Let us mention two important exceptions first.
1. The persistence of the resonant ideas originates impulses. The idea that impels into certain people toward the service to the other ones. They are generally in all the religions, but also outside of them.
This fixed goal obeys the attitude to conscience, probable of the highest value reached in the human condition. They are above any wrong. They heighten the human quality when superimposing over to some possible religious falsehood.
2. One cannot understand the biggest monuments made of the man during centuries can be possible without showing the power of a fixed idea.

   However, the man's history and the towns, it demonstrates the negative part. An extensive analysis with their statistics samples the fixed ideas that dominate them. The fixed ideas increase their domain with the obsession. It is a more serious degree, common and well known. We all can have examples next in the manias, phobias, until the most serious pathological states that can cause the death as bulimia, anorexia, etc. This author was a niece's godfather with anorexia. In the unit of intensive cares, a moment before it is death, asked to leave to house because it was not interested in the treatment.
   The obsessions show the inability of the appropriate cerebral domain. We all know fanatic men of a team, a political party, a country, a religion, etcetera. For these it does not care that their team makes bad results, which have rotten politicians, that is dictators or that it is false belief religion. For these there is not to evidence, neither possible reasoning that it gets their immediate reconsideration. They have to undergo a long treatment. They act under the possession of their encrusted truth. Their habitual reasoning is: I possess some information that I have firmly known. Who doesn't think as I, it is for not possessing my information. This clarification is removable to the balance of a scale. To be based on authentic truths they assure using those of a single plate, and ignoring, those of the opposed one.
   Are characteristics: They do not admit another alternative reality that is not the resolved one for their resonance. They have the tendency to transmit and to impose.
   The fixation of ideas allows a thief to justify its robberies when believing that the society owes him something that has not given him. A small injustice made with him the fixed idea becomes resonant. The fixation not existing alone small she would have the dimension. But the author to well known authors of small robberies who always used the same fixation to make the following robbery.

   According to experts, we all also can fall in an irrational accidental evolution of behavior. Evidence the lack of cerebral control. "Nobody is safe of falling in the barbarism" it is an example in a book of Jean Hatzfeld about the genocide of Rwanda. In the war of Spain 1936, nine defenceless nuns of a nursery school, were murdered. They had abandoned the comfort of their houses to dedicate their life to welcome children, without being she paid. I was one of the children. The murderers came to fix the world.
   The murderers, few years before were normal men. They became groups. Then, exalted demonstrators. The excitement of the prevailing revolutionary Marxist ideology in those moments in the entire world settled in its brains. Activated by the collective resonance became absolute faith that had to destroy to the other ones.
   The incitement, the resentment, the excitement and the hate, usually associates with fixed ideas, by approach from resonance among them.
   The ideologies are a group of convincing ideas that constitutes a proposal of ideal society.    However, they are essentially faulty, by their partial selection of the ideas. They act organizing simple fixed ideas that cause reactions of faith to their favor and of confrontation to the opponent.
   The positive or negative feelings proceed from reactions to fixed ideas that gather previous personal valuations and have their own mechanics in the brain. This accumulation makes that the hate can be made easily intense.
   They fill with its “reason” when they scream and they are exalted. It is an experimental mechanism that works efficiently. It is observed easily the impulses moved by hate should be always superiors to the impulses of a good sense due to doing without of resonant fixed ideas. Then, the excitement, the incitement, the resentment and the associated hate pass from the transmission impulse to the imposition demand.
   The genocides as that of Cambodia, Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, Rwanda and Burundi, Sierra Lioness, etc., they are the collective fixed idea's product and testimony disabled brains, being blind to the reflection and to the reasoning. The nature of the things, they can vary from their arbitration.
That is the serious thing.
   Here the physics can help to the philosophy.
(It will continue)


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