Solar System 1/137




    Summary of work published in this page, during the years of 1999 at the 2006. (Please forgive my faulty English)
 Solar System 1/137


Physicists ought to put a special sign in their offices to remind themselves of how much they don't know.

The message on the sign would be very simple: number 137.

Richard Feynman. Nobel 1965



   Wolfang Pauli, one of the big founders of the quantum mechanics, dedicated great part of his life to the meaning of 137. He was a perfectionist. His main question why the constant fine structure, the fundamental constant has a value of 1/137.

   When his last assistant, Charles Enz, visited him at the Rotkreuz hospital in Zurich, Pauli asked him: “Did you see the room number?” It was number 137.

   According to the well-known anecdote, when the Nobel Pauli went to heaven, was granted an audience with God.

Pauli, you’re allowed one question What do you want to know?

He immediately asked about question that preoccupied in vain throughout his life ‘Why is the fine structure equal to 1/137?

   Science is hiding its greater problem to us.

Only the mental honesty of Einstein never showed fear the ridiculous situation in his controversies, facing its companions.

He dared to confess it to man old friend M. Besso, at the end of his lives.

The letter, known well by those who is interested, says:

   "All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?'.....

   I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures.

   In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, of the rest of modern physics."

You will have to judge.

   The geometric dispositions are in the most basic genesis. We see it in the mineral crystallization, the molecular constructions or the rectangular axes of some delineation that later will become complex.

   If a tree is the reproduction of a three-dimensional complex symmetry, generally, in each of its leaves from a central nerve is reproduced a simple two-dimensional symmetry. With it, the tree produces some cult to its origin in its symmetrical outbreaks.


  Chladni, saw as the sand was resting in node lines that produce from the symmetrical known model as Chladni's figures. In them, two-dimensional waves go and return, without prior direction, supporting permanent same nodes. The matter (salt, sand) is in the nodes of the vibrations when not being impelled. About the Kundt tube cavity of resonance, also the sawdust on nodes of permanent waves is it accumulated. We know that a string of immobile guitar has the only dimension between the two unique node limits. With the vibration of the string, we will obtain a number of stable nodes in harmonic dimensions.

   Pitágoras thrught about some music of the spheres relating some proportions of whole numbers to the musical harmonic.  Kepler, in 1619, suggested a connection of the geometry of the planetary orbits and the harmonic ones.

   We know that the diverse waves of radio broadcasting stations increase their authorities when having been reflected in an invisible limit of the ionosphere.

   If also we admitted an invisible limit for the extension of the Solar System we could establish resonance nodes. If their extension can consist on 7,2929 units we might obtain a fine structure for the Solar System. It should be described by wavelength and width. We would have the nodes of an extension. We need the structure of their amplitude.


   If you have doubts, please, read calmly, verify every step sufficiently. If you want brevity or simplicity, abandon the numbers, to check them later.

   It will be necessary to be careful when our minds give relevance to concepts that are not independent. Example, if we refer to quantum mechanics, Planck's constant h has the dimensions of an action. It consisted of energy and time. Separately, they are not seen as geometric concepts.

   As you this can divide by p, a purely geometric concept?

   Nevertheless, Dirac needs to divide Planck's constant by the geometric value of 2p to obtain later the value of fine structure (1/137...).
Taking the numbers of its respective references the thin structure is  = h/mrc =
1,054571619 e-34 / 9,10938215 e-31 x 0,52917720859 e-10 x 299792458 = 0,007297352469 ... , where
h = 6,62606896 e-34 J s , Planck constant.
h = h/2p = h-bar = 1,054571619 e-34.
m = 9,109382 e-31 kg, electron  mass.
r = 0,529177208 e-10 m, Bohr radius.
c = 299792458 m s, speed of light in vacuum.
The experimental value recommended should  for major precision be 1./137 ... = 0,0072973530763...
For pithy number it is indicated like 7,297352533 e-3.
   Great part of the fundamental laws of the physics, we know it is recounted to the square, to the cube or to the number
p. We verify that time, mass, force, or speed appear in correspondence with the most elementary geometric figures. This indicates to what extent basic geometry is in foundation
and attitude of the universe. Is not new. Already the former Greeks were assuring it.
   If the geometric evolution is accompanying of the physical evolution she should have travelled from the point to the fourth dimension. This information might be explored, if we admit that the evolution follows a hierarchy of values, travelling from the most elementary to the most complex.
  Let us make a small discovery.
  In geometry we can isolate circumferences, squares, cubes, etc.
  We understand, for simplicity, the geometry from a stable space without time or speed and mass, etc.
  But let's observe that in physics a circumference does not exist, without a context of space-time. Or speed applied to the dimension where I know they are measuring. If we are in a  spatial expansion, in the case of laws of Kepler, Newton, Dirac, enclosed Einstein, etc… They have to use of squares or cubes, to formulate its laws.
  Also they verify average orbital distances including the concept of circumference related with squares and cubes.
  I hope that up to here I am understood.
  But, Pauli's exclusion principle discovers a need of own dimensions  to occupy the electronic successive levels. It is demanding square of own orbits. Successive limits for the squares of circumference. Should be detected in a clear relationship.
  Then the minimal possible exclusive area for serial circumferences is the understood one between its external minimum square and its internal maximum square. Also so called inscribed and circumscribed squares.
  We knew that the circle should have an own area, but we did not know that the circumference should impose an own area. Nobody has noticed its absence.
 But, if the circumference of geometry passed to be physics space, then, this paper is decisive  to understand physical relations. This way, the area of any circumference is associated with its inscribed and circumscribed square, separated values' root of two (1,4142...). Its succession is equivalent to very well elementary known sequences.
   In the packaging by crystallization, the 0.41421..., radius is known very well in the ion contacts.
   They are in rectangular configurations (90 degrees), square and tetraedron. In most of ions, the coordination is tetrahedral.
   Thus, for root two (1,4142...), are decimal of contact 0,41421...
   We know that the relation between decimal of contact and square root is
 0,4142.../ 1,4142...=  0,29289...,
   Also we know that compound unit of  0,7071 and 0,29289 ... = 1 = the elemental value Root Mean Square (RMS) and  0,29289 ...
   Really 0,29289 ...  is the own dimension of the half of a two-dimensional area in expansion, according to an interior area square

 0,7071 x 0,7071 = 0,5,  and 0,29289 x 1,7071255420123595889241694834238 = 0.5

completing the exterior square.
   This way, we obtain a geometric conception of the fine structure that is deduced being 0,29289 ... a part of a contact unit.
   Then, 7,29289 ..., would be the structure of seven units, composed of  the elemental value RMS and 0,29289 ...
    Nevertheless, we have an experimental fine structure, 7,2973530763 ...,  where the decimals of contact are 0,2973530763 ...
   The difference between both is
7,2973530763- 7,2928932188 = 0,0044598575
   Other relations later they exposed show the relation between halves and immediate doubles. So that
 0,002973530763 + 0,002973530763/2 = 0,0044602961445  (notice that also here it is needed and e-3 )
   This time, the difference between both is
0,0044602961445 - 0,0044598575 = 0,0000004386445
   Reducing the last decimal ones of the fine structure recommended, it is the exact difference obtained.
0,00297323834 + 0,00297323834/2 = 0,00445985751
   But 7,297352533e-3, it might act in the limits as if it was a compound fractal.
   In this way, some total accuracy is not required if the decimal of contact adds smaller fractals.  (In figure 4, 0,29289 ... of doubles' dimensions accompany the 0,29289 ... dimension of the last fractal unit)

   Here it will be useful to adopt an orientation on the geometric order.
   The symmetry according to this is the base of the geometric fundamental simplicity. The symmetry must accompany the geometric evolution, where the order establishes a hierarchy. According to the same one, the point will be the dimension zero that also could be called dimension one, being the original dimension. The fundamental line must be understood like a symmetrical extension of a point in a single dimension. A new dimension evolution, it is born with expansion, by means of a symmetrical repetition of the previous one. With the dimension of the square there appear the qualities of the diagonal, the circle and the inscribed circumference.
   With them are the root of 2 and the number p. With the symmetrical superposition of squares the cube appears. Nevertheless, the elevation to more dimensions stays as geometric overlappings of these effects.
   With this it seemed that the geometric fundamental evolution was concluding.
   However, the fine structure appears as a new fractal jump of the geometry.
   Then, fine structure expresses the end of the geometric evolution.

Solar System 1/137?
   The simplest way of suggesting a response would begin with a linear dimension. Let's imagine seven points on a straight line to equal distances.
o o o o o o o
obeying a central symmetry.
 o o o O o o o
   Being proceeding from an area in expansion, we will assign to them a sequence of double distances, imitating known waves of octaves. Equivalent to isolating from field levels to limit to the infinite. We will see later.
   Displacing the previous distribution toward two semifields in opposed phases, we will win a new perpendicular dimension and a place for the effective value of their distances (RMS).
---------- o o o
------ O ------
o o o ----------
   Now, we divide the total ones of perpendicular distances, by the number of the fine structure.
   It is to say,  1/137...= 0,007297352533... = fine structure.
   The representation of these decimals is uncomfortable. Supposing that has quality of  fractal numbers (we will see later), the representation might be replaced with 1/137...x 1000 = 7,297.... + other supposed decimals are.
   With this already we will have a few rules applicable to the distances as Solar System planets. There they are the exclusion levels of Pauli.  Even someone will find Jupiter as a possible rest of a binary star.

   We are in year 20007. The fundamental physics follows to a large extent confused for our understanding.
   The development of the technology and the experimental discoveries they help to the confused theories to put the feet on the soil luckily for
the understanding.
   To explain that 1/137 is it in physics, numerous and important scientists have occupied a great time. Everything written on 137 can be
interminable, mixed with some famous anecdotes. How many times was he called the mysterious number, including those of Pauli and Feymann?
   Its importance was discovered noticing the repeated times appeared as measure of the physical phenomena.
   Arnold Sommerfeld discovered it first, measuring the distances of the lines of the electromagnetic spectrum.
   An idea of its importance is acquired, when comparing some basic measures of the atom numbers 1: the Hydrogen.
For example:
   1/137 is the ratio of velocity electron and light velocity.
   The measure the Bohr radius is 137 larger times that the electron of Compton waves length.
   The position of the Compton wavelength is 137 larger times that classical radius.
This way,
   Bohr radius, aprox. 5,29 × 10-11 meters        0,0000000000529...
   Electron Compton wavelength, aprox. 3,86 × 10-13 meters 0,000000000000386...
   Electron classical radius, aprox. 2,817 × 10-15 meters   0,00000000000000282...
Also it forms the quantum of Hall.
   The quantum of Hall, it obtains the biggest accuracy of fine structure.
   Only appears, observed in systems of two dimensions.
   In the butterfly of the Hofstadter, his physics represents a fractal condition with structure repeated in its diverse scales.
   It has different properties for perpendicular and diagonal axes.
   Probably the fractal origin comes from the simple equivalence relations, as multiplying oneself  the square numbers, to the cube or another exponent.
Also 137 is implied in
p number. In the perimeter of the circles or circumferences that defines the waves.
This is deduced by the relation
 1/137 / 2
 7,29927e-3 / 6,2831853 = 0,00116... ,
 7,29927/ 6,28318 =1,16... or
 7,29927/ 1,16... = 6,2831853 = 2
This number appears in:
   Electron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons  =1,0011596521931 ± 1,00116e-11 = 1,00116...
   Muon magnetic moment anomaly       = 0,00116...
   Quantized Hall resistance          = 25812,805612 ± 0,00116...
   Fermi coupling constant          =1,166 39e-5..., and others
Also 1/137 is the measure of the electromagnetic force, equivalent to the Coulomb force constant in other units.
   The strong nuclear force is approximately 137 times the electromagnetic force.
   Generally 1/137 don't depend on the mass of the electron but of the charge. Rather, 137 would indicate the structure of the force of the
created field. Is it a force of the structure? Is it the structure of the force? More simply, natural force has a structure?
See the importance now of the decimal ones.

   If fine structure we have verified is capable of appearing dividing repeatedly by the same number, we are in a constant of fractal structure.
(The simple definition of a fractal is a geometric structure with basic number repeated in different scales)

   If it is necessary to move 137 as a relation among different scales we will meet the fractions of
                                    1/137 =  0,007,29927007299270... (With major precision must be 0,0072973530763...)
   The representation of these fractions is uncomfortable. It is a reason to be mentioned like 1/137.

   But a fractal is a number that has geometry. In this case it is not possible to represent as one linear number.
   Nevertheless, being a number without dimensions, we can change its proportion to emphasize some of its uses as direct units.
   For example, we can replace the inconvenient part doing
1/137= 7,29927007299270e-3, in
1/137x1000= 7,29927
where 7,29927x137= 999,99999. We will suppose 1000.
Of this way, we can make a test.
  We visibly make the structure of a square of 1000 mm of sides divided by 7,299 units.
  We will obtain 7,29927 units of a magnitude of 137 mm in a concrete number. Also obtain a symmetrical net to two rectangular axes and
squared patterns of 137 mm, approximately.
  This symmetrical condition forces us to establish that the distribution of the number is born from the same centre of the created units, going
infinite decimals to the limits. That is to say, these units cannot begin an order from 0 up to 0,999 and 1. There will be a space for the whole part of the number and another one for the decimal part. This allows detection of role of entire number and decimals.
  The contact between different units they have a very important role situated between decimals of independent units.
  We can also separate the different role of their two perpendicular dimensions dividing in 7,29927 columns with areas of 137x1000 mm,
  Then, every column can have a double representation, of a part a uniform area, of another part, be a succession for representation of other
  Though, the fractal unit's components must have the same distribution of the whole in perpendicular direction. (The figures 4, 5, and 6,
distinguish this with the decimal situation of 0,2929)
Applying to the successive columns of our figure the regular multiples of real distances, we can place the planets of the Solar System.
  The bipolar displacement presents as energy from the original central units on the RMS of the effective section.
The bipolarity is basic to the physics of the mechanics of waves.
  Can be verified with the oscillators, the phases, the transistors, the functions of the proteins and the root of nervous nets, etc. Masked one is in the parity of symmetrical parts in atoms, crystals, plants and animals: forming eyes, arms, sexes; the trend to the bipolarity of parties, of criteria, of clashes, games, etc.
  Although there is not logic for the step simultaneous of a single electron by a double fissure, a bipolar electron travelling with its hollow will share the step easily that appears in the symmetry of the screen.
  Check if you understand the following:
  It is said that the nature is symmetrical. In the origin of the symmetry the balance is.
  It seems, that nothing allows the existence of the universe, providing that it is zero.
  That is to say, if the universe matter creates it will to create simultaneously equals quantity of antimatter.
  With Einstein was the symmetry like the principle nature of the physical laws.
  If there exists a need of basic geometry in the order of the universe, the first widespread unit of a point will have to be symmetrical.
  In a first unit, two reflected halves should have to be similar to one.
  But, in an infinite universe, double or half do not have direction nor preferred unit.
  So that the connected universe can expand or reduced, separation of 1 to 2 halves assumes a unit of double or half.
  Probably, the wave is the most fundamental form of the nature and the origin of a quantum.
  The mechanics of the fine structure need the knowledge of the mechanics of the waves.
  They are everywhere, travelling in the space or vibrating on matter with an extensive variety. They are an own and universal language of the energy.  Louis de-Broglie demonstrated that the whole matter consists of waves. Erwin Schrödinger did the description of the atom with waves.  The man identifies with them when the mechanics of the waves do with the music a pleasure for the ear.
  But the waves are, especially, the permanent presence repeated of a natural unit of basic geometry.
  Example: If a circumference is a rigid image, the waves will form two half circumferences that walk displeasing a half later of another half, with steps known in frequencies by second. The travelling version of the energy is an oscillation produced by an alternation of waves.
  The difference between rolling and walking is decisive, is the first form of discontinuity or quantum that the nature imposes.
  The arc fundamental called, forms from length of a vibrant string of between two limits.  A single arch is half of the longitude of a complete wave. This way, the values separated from the wave express as multiple integer or half-integer
 This natural condition to transform fundamental limits into powers of halves and doubles demonstrates in harmonic resonances; levels of octaves in sonorous waves; binary systems; levels of supersymmetry; Boolean Algebra forms; levels of computer memory; Friedel's symmetry, powers of rapid simplification of calculations. (Fast Fourier Transform) FFT; maps of depth in astronomy; degrees of hearing; decay of the radiation. Sequences of quantity of light, of time or openings diaphragms, they are optical resources. If we find a factor of 2, also root of 2 applicable series. Like 1, 2, 4, 8 ..., 1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8 ...
   In general, the old sages trusted more in the geometry than in the numbers, whereas the numerical interpretation had more difficulties. For them the nature didn't consult numbers.
  Phitagoras, only was giving value to the geometry of entire numbers, denying value to the irrational numbers.
  Hippasus defends the value root of 2 on value only of the whole numbers.. Hippasus's murder attributed to Phitagoras.
  However the transport of the energy needs the root of two, the geometry of a wave, the value that Hippasus defended.
  Energy, which they charge in the receipts for a voltage, is the product of oscillation reached for a maximum and a minimum following the edge of an oscillation, where the constant moved quantity, is the real engine of whole movement.
  The constant average of energy of an oscillation, is called to effective value or RMS.
  The same one that the geometry represents inserted between double factors.
  The geometric succession of these levels does not require numbers necessarily. There is enough with the addition of successive geometry associated with the series of the factor 2, or root of 2.
  We have a demonstration in figure 1.
  Trace the diagonal square, from the vertex of their right base to the opposed angle. Use this diagonal for left side of a new square. Use the vertical diagonal for left side of a new square. The same repeat several times with the formed square. Imagine an infinite succession.
  If a physical system uses this series we will never know neither what side is the whole, nor which is the irrational one.
  For a system of stable structure of same sequence, is enough a rule and a compass that they plan a sequence squares and circles, successively inscribed and circumscribed.
  It is exposed in the introduction figure. It will also obtain successive lines of a value root 2. We will never know which is whole or irrational, until we apply an own reference.
  Now we treat to show as the laws of Newton and Kepler, theoretically unlimited, they have real limits.
  We all will remember its laws: “The square of the period is proportional to the cube of the distance...”  “The force of gravitational attraction is inversely proportional to the square of the distance...”
  To have to come to cubes, squares or
p to formulate its laws, us remembering the fundamental need to rely on the simplest geometry.
  It is to easy check. These laws contain a few relations'  practical equivalence among the distances, time and the velocity, to the margin of its masses.
  If we measure the mean distance of our planets for millions of kilometres, the orbital mean velocity in km/sec and the periods in years, then
  (Orbital period)2 / (Mean distance)3  = 2.98… e-7, constant approx.
  Mean distance * Mean velocity2= 132747 ... constant approx.
  We can verify it. The general information is approximate.

0,2408467   0,61519726  1,0000174     1,8808476        11,862615      29,447498  84,016846  164,79132      247,92065    =Orbital period in years
0,058007     0,37846767  1,0000348      3,53758769     140,72163      867,155      7058,83       27156,179     61464,649    = (Orbital period)2
57,9             108,21          149,6              227,936            778,412         1426,73      2867            4498              5906             = Mean distance, million km
194104,54   1267074,       3348072        11842373         471659479    29041923   2,3565e10    9,1003e10      2,06006e11  = (Mean distance, million km)3
 47,89           35,03            29,79             24,13                13,06              9,64           6,8                5,48               4,74             = Mean orbital velocity, km/sec
2293,4          1227             887,4             582,26             170,6               92,9           46,37            30,03             21,71           = (Mean orbital velocity, km/sec)2
  Deducing: If to every average distance of a planet corresponds a velocity of stable orbit, we have a natural scale physics velocities of the surface of the Sun at the edge of the system.
  Also we know the velocity arrival at the surface of the sun Is the same, that will be necessary to shoot from the Sun to reach the limit of the system.
  Also one same speed will coincide with equal distances in opposite directions and with the perpendicular velocity that needs the centrifugal force to support a stable object.
  The need of a distance for a stable velocity, needs hypervelocity to reach the exit from the system.
  A simple reading of the laws of Kepler and Newton: If its relationships did not have limits, there would not be a velocity for to exit of the system
  Since in Kepler the whole system obeys gravity imposed by the central mass, Newton had to warn that a change of central mass would not change the laws but would change the practical constant proportion.
  The most extraordinary thing it is that changing his stable velocities and that the velocity to go out of the system coincides with the geometric value of  root 2 of its stable velocities.
  They are the velocity changes that use the satellites to move.
  To say, according to the relations of the speed and distance: A planet or an object, it needs to take the velocity corresponding to the half of its distance to come to the limit of the force of the system.
  Then, any half of distance of a planet its tied velocity to the limit, to similarity of any half of hyperfocal distance to the limit. These limits of affectation might consider them to be the own infinite. The same norm links to the half, of the half, even to the most fundamental successive frequencies.
  Why do we and the photographic lenses see the big mountains diminished to the minimum when they move away? Is it that they have lost its own size? Is a reality made for the imagination?
  We know that the series of lines of spectra are transitions among different levels that tend to the infinite. But their lines are accumulated, forming limits of own infinity.
  The half of the root of 2 (1,414.../2 = 0,7070...) it is also the root two inverse (1/1,414...= 0,7070...) occupies squared average,  the known RMS and the called effective dimension. This allows him to be located in a square dimension.
Extract of work published in this page, during the years of 1999 at the 2006.
  To represent a structure in constant expansion, as a circular area, we have a geometric natural expression. Without numbers mediating.
  They are the squares of the inscribed and circumscribed circles successively. See in the figure of entry a succession of circles and inscribed squares.
  This succession implies a form especially simple of quantified circular development, beside being able to represent the numerous sequences of the factor of two or the square root of two. These include the sequences of binary calculation. The sequences of sound octaves or the insinuation double distance of purified Bode's law.
  The relations of the figure clearly show that root of two and RMS are the intermediate measurements to double units.
The Ö2 succession is constituted in series 1 - 1,41 - 2 - 2,83 -  4 - 5,66 - 8 - 11,31 - 16, etc.


Fig. 1. Representation options.

A capacity for all planets requires 7.2929 doubled levels.  = 8-(
The maximum symmetry is obtained with square box representation.
Fig. 2.

Fig. 2.  Application of box symmetry.

If you notice that the box of the Solar System does not begin to tell from zero, I must remember to him that all the musicians know that the resonances come from a fundamental frequency. We will have to find her.  Which is?
Observe that the symmetry refers to structure of the field, whereas the busy nodes refer  order with exclusive numbers. (Similar at the Pauli principle).
A field of logarithmic structure, without limits, is double units or successive halves of infinite reflections.
Here, we only emphasize the dimension and the reflections, of affectation of the Solar System.
Here be in mind that the effective value (RMS) has empirically the magnitude of the power.
This corresponds to the maximum height, x0.707, on a pure sinusoid.
Also it is equal to the value of the normal wave area.
Therefore, it contains the series of a factor of 1,414.
If a double series existed on the horizontal axis, the obtained symmetry finds the centre of an impulse supposition.
The masses, they are displaced towards nodes of antagonistic fields.
Then, more or less effective value and the zero of abscissas happen to open, in axes of effective section, with an amplitude of 1/7,2929.


Fig. 3.  Symmetrical perpendicular discovery of 1/ 7,29292 units.

 Bigger accuracy would divide this figure in smaller symmetrical parts.
For example 1/7,2929, 1/7,29292 and 1/7,29293. Fig. 4, 5, 6.

Fig. 4. Expression of the three dimensions.


(Inner semifield / Outer semifield)

Fig. 5 and 6 Amplification of minor units of fractal components.

  The consequence of this is our spherical space transformation in a box of square resonance. With it are respective reflections taken as reference. Other subtracted reflections, adding, would allow to observe characteristics of some hologram reflecting two faces of the figure from the reproductions the same one reduced from units on 1/7,29293.
    Repeating the same fractional figure, for their construction of smaller dimensions acquires also the characteristics of fractal structure.
    At the same time it can use their levels as reflection families on Bragg planes, to discover the abscissas corresponding to the unfoldings. See fig. 15 (Detailed in publication of 1999).
 In a first environment, some ideal planets would be located on the fundamental nodes of abscissas axis keeping a double distance. Fig.7. It seems of agreement with a pure Titius-Bode law.

Fig.7. Hypothetical planets according to purified Bode's law.

       Fig.8. Foreseen  simple displacement.


Fig.9. Complementary displacement.

    From the previous expansion, takes place a maximum estrangement inside the successive order. Fig. 8, 9, 14.  Although surprisingly then an exclusive succession order is imposed upon levels and abscissas. The busy levels - not the one expanded, - accompany displacements toward abscissas in inverse succession.
    If we divide the order of each level, for order adopted by their stable node, we will obtain a simple succession of numerators and denominators.

1/5, 2/4, 3/3, X, 5/2, 6/1, 7/0

   As in the notes of the octaves, the origin pulse that gives measure of box limits' notes, it does not appear as a stable node. Jupiter is in this case.
    However, these simple displacements can also break in turn for perpendicular displacements. The affected locations are divided in two parts, going away toward the most opposed ends in new antagonistic areas. This rule affects Venus, the Earth, Neptune and Pluto. The two extracted planets, Venus and Pluto, they coincide in investing their rotations.
Fig. 10.

Fig. 10. Double displacement.

  Another coordinates-perpendicular displacement that crosses the vertical reflections opens up from the centre of abscissas.  It carries to Earth and Neptune in exclusive levels with abscissas toward more opposed places.
   Its rules divide two general tendencies:
    Those, that builds the symmetrical structure of the three dimensions and those, that owe give the place that corresponds to each location.
    Within the frame 4 planets are separate from each half by central axis.
    Also, the ordinate axis coincides with the qualitative separation between the planets called dense and diffused. As not to know a phenomenon that produces the heavy atoms, some compression suggests a procedure inside the stars.
    This symmetry only takes into account the interior of the coordinate field.
    Here an exclusive appears in the limit. However, the total symmetry would involve Jupiter and one in the opposed half.
    A symmetric supposition would find in the opposed limit of the mark a planet that doesn't exist. 
Does it lack a planet?

Fig. 11  Coincidence tests.

Fig.12 Inner Semifield

Fig. 13, Outer Semifield



   If we do a practical scheme of the exposed thing, we will move to centimetres the height of
 7,2929 *2 = 14,5858.
  To extend its detail we will turn this number into millimetres = 145,858 mm. See fig. 12 and 13.
  This way, we will obtain the diverse heights.
-145,858 mm, height of the scheme.
-124,4977 mm, height of the top axis of average +RMS.
-72,929 mm, neight of the centre of abscissas.
-21,36 mm, height of the low axis of average -RMS.

   In the order of abscissas, the 145 mm corresponds with levels of different scales of double millions of Km of our Solar System.
   The distance of planets will have to obtain itself from the own scale of its level.
   To come to them of a central point, the value will move towards halves or doubles.
   The centre of the scale axis is of 389, 1 million kilometres, represented in the figure of 389,1 to 778,3.
   This quantity will have to be distributed in our millimetres.
389,15/145,858 = 2,668 mm,
turned in the unit to transform into every level.
   Starting from it, we will obtain the height of the abscissas that corresponds to each planet in their respective levels.
   By means of
A column of the base of the axis of 389, 1 million kilometres.
A column of millimetres in height added multiplying the column of the value of units.
This result moves to the value factor 2, of the own levels of the planet.
We obtain a property with exclusion for levels and other one for order heights correspond to theoretical position of the planet.
The parentheses have averages' approximation.

389,15 x 2 =  739,6024, JUPITER
389,15+ 131,354 x 2,668= 739,6024, x 8   = 5916,81  PLUTO (5913,5) (99,9%)
389,15+ 123,126 x 2,668= 717,6501, x 4   = 2870,6   URANUS (2870) (99,9%)
389,15+ 121,755 x 2,668= 713,9923, x 2   = 1427,98  SATURN (1430 ) (99,8%)
389,15+ 78,4137 x 2,668= 598,3577, x 1/4 = 149,589  EARTH (149,6) (99,9%)
389,15+ 64,7018 x 2,668= 561,7744, x 8    = 4494,19  NEPTUNE (4496,6) (99,9%)
389,15+ 28,2160 x 2,668= 464,4302, x 1/8 = 58,0538  MERCURY (57,9) (99,7%)
389,15+ 25,4736 x 2,668= 457,1135, x 1/2 = 228,557  MARS (227,9) (99,7%)
389,15+ 15,8752 x 2,668= 431,5050, x 1/4 = 107,876  VENUS (108,2) (99,7%)

Fine structure

Fig. 14 Location channels

Fig. 15 Fine structure differences

   Let us consider that we have described a general expansion of the Solar System.
   Now we can summarize and to highlight the virtues of the proposed laws if folding the expansions on the axes of vertical symmetry and later on the axis of both  fields.
   The result sees in the figure 14.
   In the tables provided by the structure, one sees a certain uniform difference in the average distance considered. While the approximation is of 99.9% in the outer semifield, in the inner group, it is 99.7%. In this way, while the structure in the outer group has sufficient capacity to locate itself in the area, the same does not happen to the second group which must be located in what its aperture permits. It is interesting that this difference must coincide with the foreseen change phase.

   The man is the last sample of the evolution of the nature. The last dimension of the animal brain endows it with the use of reason, so called common sense. Could we suppose that the nature has been made for the man? 

   It will be able to appear with the knowledge of the biology in neurology that the common sense is deeply supported by the physical laws.

   Nevertheless, Universities, scientists and technical personnel, separated of the policy, are divided into well separated compartments. With this become lost the necessary link, for the arbitration of the common sense. If of its knowing to reason we make questions, out of his own book of made accounts, they answer the known phrase: “I have my own work to make the things that you mention don't be my work.”  (Of my mail) The obtaining of arbitration of a total objectivity is asphyxiated by the present institutions. With "divide and conker" of Julius Cesar, the politicians can be irresponsible beings if they have learned the game of dominating the others. This way, we live with the irresponsibility of the politicians and the disability of the science, the universities, etc. We will be able to establish a colony in Mars at the same time as some nuclear warfare destroys the Earth.

   Although it is not considered, before the appearance of the use of reason in the man, there was already a reason of to be of the nature.

   The most serious problem that has the man, which leaders ignore, is probably they do not reach the domains of the physical laws. The problem is the being annihilated by broken the limits borrowed of freedom given to the human dimension for the physical laws. Biology, with the man, also is a physical dominion. The brain is a physical system. Lamentably, the mercy does not exist among the physical laws. We do not have to blame to the nature. Is the individual, corporate, and national fragmentation. The cult is of the own thing. I am more powerful. I possess the truth. The defence of the corporate properties with the tolerance of the scientists and world universities disable giving priority to the common sense.

   This work does not try to accompany on the alarm of the climatic change.

   The control to the politicians is much more serious and important than this work and the climatic change.

   If the science does not serve to drive, to keep then to limit to the man inside the laws of the nature, the science is of surplus.



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   These observations are widened and completed in  The different interpretation for the atomic structure”.
   We count on continuing improving this work, though I am 82 years and past an embolism.
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