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CPC 664 English version

Amstrad sold this model knowing that they would release the CPC6128 very soon, initially only in the USA. But the memory prices decreased and the CPC6128 replaced this one only 6 months after its release.

Technical Specs:

CPC 664 English keyboard version
Codename: IDIOT, Includes Disc Instead Of Tape
64Kb RAM memory, 42Kb free for user
48Kb ROM memory
Processor: Zilog Z80 at 4MHz
Storage media: 3" single side floppy disc unit, each disc can storage around 180Kb
Built in language: Locomotive BASIC 1.1, updated CPC 464 version with new commands.
Operative System: AMSDOS included in ROM, and CP/M 2.0 in disc.
Keyboard: QWERTY
Release date: 1985 first quarter
End of production: 1985 third quarter
Price: 810 with CTM 644 colour monitor. 660 with GT65 green monitor
Built in Language:Locomotive Basic version 1.1

It's only an English CPC 464 with an Amsdos ROM and a floppy disc drive instead the casette player.