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KDE Now!

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Antonio Larrosa homepage

I hope the you find useful the contents of these pages. From this page you can access some programs I have made along with some screenshots of them and some info.


21/02/2001 - Made a small update to kbillar (now in 1.0.1) and the tutorial (html typos fixed, code unchanged)

28/01/2001 - The KDE development tutorial 1.1.2 is now available here. It's a new version with some important updates.

26/01/2001 - I've been making a new application in the last months, it's KBillar, in fact, it's not an application, but a billiard game quite different from the usual billiard games. Just check the screenshots for some eye-candy.

Btw, I'm still updating these pages less than I would want, but I'm afraid I don't have time for more, specially now that I'll have some exams. I'll finish them on the 20th of February, so I'll be back by then.

13/9/2000 - These pages have not been updated for a long time, but that doesn't mean that nothing happened during the summer, in fact, lots of things happened:

  • I received a netwinder machine (thanks to !) to test KDE and use it as presentation machine. It's a very small machine, with a StrongARM processor, 128 Mb ram and 10Gb HD.
  • I was contracted by SuSE to work on KDE during the summer, so I've been in Nuernberg (Germany) for over a month doing nothing but KDE development. Currently, I'm a SuSE developer with a partial-time job, so that I can finish my studies of Mathematics at the University of Malaga)
  • On August, Martin Konold and me gave a long tutorial at the Campus Party about KDE development.
  • I studied for my exams in September that I'll finish tomorrow.
  • Important: The "great" administrators in my isp deleted some of my mails from the server, so I've lost every mail from Sunday 23:15 until Monday 16:45 . If you sent me a mail around that time, please resend it again, and sorry about the problems. Yes, I'm going to change my ISP :( (I don't have to say that I don't recommend arrakis to anyone, do I ? )

18/7/2000 - There's a new bugfix release of my KDE development tutorial, 1.1.2 . You must update it if you want to compile it with the latest KDE CVS sources.

13/6/2000 - I've started exams today and I won't finish until July, so if you mail me, keep in mind that it may take some days to get a reply . Thanks for your understanding.

5/6/2000 - Here it is, the application that everyone were waiting for : Kalamaris :-)

4/6/2000 - Tomorrow is the day !

27/5/2000 - I've made some bugfixing (and document-fixing :-) ) in the KDE development tutorial and felt it would be nice to release a bugfixing release.

27/5/2000 - Btw, this page will host a revolutionary new application next week, stay tuned !.

9/4/2000 - There's a new version of the KDE development tutorial, which includes a new chapter about KXMLGUI and some fixes to work with the latest KDE's cvs snapshots.

9/4/2000 - Next week I'm going to be quite busy, as I'll give a talk at my university (on Tuesday afternoon, at 19:30 in the 1.0.1 class of the ETSII Informatica for those of you wanting to go :) ) and another one at Leon's university (on Thursday afternoon), so pardon me if I don't reply your mail soon.

11/3/2000 - I've been somehow ill and busy the last few days, but I'm feeling better now . Also, next monday, I'll go to Madrid, where I'm going to give a couple of talks at the Expo-Linux 2000. I hope to meet you there :-).

1/3/2000 - KMid is now a part ! This means it can be embeeded into Konqueror. Have a look at KMid's homepage to see a screenshot.

27/2/2000 - I finished my exams last Friday :-), that means I'm back having some time to develop new and exciting applications now . Keep tuned !

20/2/2000 - I've uploaded the first number of the bulletin of the round tables (only in Spanish)

4/2/2000 - I've started my exams (in fact, I've already done three of them). If you want to write me a mail, and you think it can wait, please send it to me after the 25th, - as I'm going to be very busy until then. Thank you :).

17/1/2000 - I've released LibKMid 0.9.5, a MIDI library based on KMid's MIDI engine . You can now enable your application for MIDI file playing in just 5 simple lines.

6/1/2000 - There could be problems with some parts of the tutorial, so I've released KDE Tutorial v1.0.2.

26/12/1999 - Released KDE Tutorial v1.0.1 to fix a problem with the Makefiles.

23/12/1999 - KDE Tutorial v1.0 released.

23/12/1999 - New version of the scripts that update these pages .

  • Kalamaris's homepage - Kalamaris is the next generation on scientific frameworks. While similar to Mathe**tica in some aspects, it offers a new approach to solve mathematical problems in an easy and intuitive way. It already supports : Function definition and evaluation, plotting functions in 2D, matrix support, symbolic calculus, symbolic derivative, solving of systems of differential equations through various numerical methods, data visualization in 3D, etc.

  • KMid's homepage - This is the homepage of KMid a midi/karaoke player for X11 and KDE, it has karaoke support, a midi mapper, easy-to-use interface, etc.

  • LibKMid's homepage - A MIDI library that makes EASY to add MIDI support to your application. It's main goal is to add background music to apps (ok, games) and even make MIDI sequencers.

  • KBillar's homepage - KBillar is a billiard game over user-defined surfaces for X11 and KDE. The user can generate his own billiard tables, borders, etc. and play in a 3D environment.

  • KDE Tutorial - Homepage of my KDE tutorial that shows how to develop KDE applications, and everything you need to get started on the world of KDE development.

  • KFourier's homepage - This is the homepage of KFourier, my second KDE program. It's an image processing application that can be used to filter images with infinity custom-made filters !

  • KPager's homepage - This is the homepage of KPager, the KDE pager . And the first pager that offers a picture in each window with the contents of the real window !

  • Cenbase's homepage - This program lets you keep organized all your information saved in diskettes and CDs. Later, you can search for any file based on its name, size, date, commentary, etc. This program runs in Wine, Windoes95 and also in win3.1

  • Other apps' page - Some libraries that I have made that could be useful for everyone, along with some small utilities

  • Round Tables on Relativity and Quantum theory - This is the homepage of a series of round tables conferences about relativity, quantum theory and many interesting things that are being developing weekly in the University of Malaga . New members are welcomed!

  • Midi Files page - From this page you can download some great midi files, and other files done by me :-)

  • Download Section - You can see in this page everything that you can download from any other of these pages (except midi files).

  • My preferred links - This is a page with some links to other useful and interesting pages related to Midi/Karaoke, KDE, Linux, Mathematics, Northern Exposure, X Files, etc.