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KPager's homepage

What is KPager ?

KPager is the KDE pager.
It displays a small view with all your opened windows, so that you can see at a glance what is running and where. It also allows you to change your windows positions, sizes, states, etc.

Tell me more about KPager

After seeing and using the Irix's "Desks Overview" in an O2 at the Image Processing Lab. of my University I thought that it was time for KDE to have something similar, and now KPager has become even more useful :-)
I started its development the 22th of September, and it has grown very fast. The current version is 1.0 and it is included on the (coming soon) KDE-1.1 base package.

I'd like to see KPager's features

  • Shows a small display of all your desktops
  • Reads the kbgndwm configuration to show the actual background
  • Responds to kbgndwm configuration changes
  • Can paint a reduced view of your windows in different modes :
    • Plain : Just the rectangle (ala Irix or any other X11 pager)
    • Icon : Shows the windows' icon inside the reduced view
    • Pixmap : Grabs the window contents and reduce them in the display. Try it!
  • Can resize the view and hide the menu to best fit your needs.
  • Allows to resize the windows, and to stick, maximize, minimize them

I want to see a screenshot !

If you prefer to see bigger, better quality screenshots, just click here or on the above image.

Where can I download KPager current version from ?

You can download KPager only from the CVS snapshot of the kdebase package from or its mirrors

Be warned that KPager needs also the latest kdelibs snapshot as well as Qt 1.42 or newer.

KPager is also included in KDE 1.1alpha and beta packages.

What are KPager terms of use ?

KPager is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

Latest News

24 Jan 99
- Fixed the Symmetrical Mirrored background mode

21 Jan 99
- Fixed a memory leakage bug

11 Jan 99
- Made KPager store the "one click mode" and "show name" status

4 Jan 99
- Use kcmdisplayrc instead of kdisplayrc
- Fix for common desktop change

30 Dec 98
- Fixed a problem with common background changing while it is set.

23 Dec 98
- Fixed the last problem (tm) with kbgndwm config readings

20 Dec 98
- Fixed a problem : When the common background changed, kpager didn't noticed if changing from wallpaper to a non-wallpaper mode.

19 Dec 98
- Added some pedantic (though needed) comparisons . This made kpager
- core dumps

18 Dec 98
- Fixed a bug that displayed junk in some circunstances in the Desktop Name area when not showing names.

17 Dec 98
- Another fix for common desktop (this kbgwm_change event was really kbgwm_reconfigure)

15 Dec 98
- Oops, I thought this common desktop was already fixed. I hope now it is.

12 Dec 98
- Doing a workaround for resizing window bug

11 Dec 98
- Fixed CTRL-Q when menubar was hidden
- Added left/right arrow movement
- Now it's possible to hide desktop names

10 Dec 98
- Added sgml documentation

4 Dec 98
- Finally implemented support for all the kbgndwm background modes Some code beautified.
- Raised version number to 0.9

2 Dec 98
- Many speed improvements, including reducing initialization time (in some cases from 17 secs to 4 secs :) )
- Some bug fixes which made kpager core dump in different ways

1 Dec 98
- Improved speed when updating background pictures (thanks Matt for the new signal !)
- Hopefully the last fixes to the resize of windows
- (Now you can use kpager to create the largest window ever in the world by resizing it and moving the mouse to the lower-right corner of your screen :) )

30 Nov 98
- Some fixes.
- Implemented the option to disable the behaviour of
- one click => desktop change (as suggested by Alexxx)
- Finished implementing the resize of windows

29 Nov 98
- Some more work in the resizing of windows

27 Nov 98
- Implemented kbgndwm's ability to read wallpapers from a directory
- Yet another "fix" for kpager not to need Qt-1.41
- Added "To Desktop" menu.
- Some bug fixes

18 Nov 98
- Added Popup menus when right clicking on a window or on desktop
- Added ability to resize windows by using the middle mouse button (not fully
- implemented yet)

16 Nov 98
- KPager now has a one-click way to work
- It also highlights the window the cursor is over
- It has some big bug fixes

15 Nov 98
- Updated kpager to the new kbgndwm configure style
- I still have to implement the new kbgndwm draw modes, but the
- old ones already work

13 Nov 98
- The arrow buttons now move whole desktop view when clicked and
- still scrolls the view when pressed for a while (but faster than before)
- as suggested by David Faure
- Now a single click on a free area activates the desktop and also a double
- click anywhere (just in case you don't have a free area)