class MidiStatus

class MidiStatus

Stores the MIDI status. More...

Definition#include <midistat.h>
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Stores the status of a MIDI device . That is, current patch in each channel, controller settings, pitch bender value, etc.

This is used to "play" with all those values and then send them to the MIDI device just by using sendData()

MidiStatus ()


~MidiStatus ()


void keyPressure ( uchar chn, uchar note, uchar vel )

Stores a new value for the key aftertouch.

See also: MidiOut::keyPressure()

void chnPatchChange ( uchar chn, uchar patch )

Stores a new patch in channel chn.

See also: chnPatch(), MidiOut::chnPatchChange()

uchar chnPatch ( uchar chn )

Returns the patch currently used in channel chn.

void chnPressure ( uchar chn, uchar vel )

Stores a new channel pressure value in channel chn.

See also: MidiOut::chnPressure()

uchar chnPressure ( uchar chn )

Returns the pressure value currently used in channel chn.

void chnPitchBender ( uchar chn, uchar lsb, uchar msb )

Stores a new pitch bender value in channel chn

int chnPitchBender ( uchar chn)

Returns the pitch bender value used in channel chn

void chnController ( uchar chn, uchar ctl , uchar v )

Stores a new value for controller ctl in channel chn.

uchar chnController ( uchar chn, uchar ctl )

Returns the value used for controller @ctl in channel @chn

void sysex ( uchar *data, ulong size)

Stores a sysex message that will be send in the next call to sendData

void tmrSetTempo ( int v )

Sets the tempo.

See also: DeviceManager::tmrSetTempo()

void sendData ( class DeviceManager *midi, int gm=1 )

Sends the current MIDI state to the DeviceManager object used as parameter (you should have already set the default device to the one you want to use). The gm parameter specifies if the patches used follow the GM standard (1), or follow the MT32 standard (0), in which case, they will be converted to GM before being sent.