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Antonio Larrosa

Last updated on
29 Jan 2001

Page created on
30 Dec 1999

KDE Now!

KDE Tutorial

This is a tutorial that explains most of everything someone has to know to start developing a KDE application.


You can download the tutorial from here : kdetutorial-1.1.2.tar.bz2 (284 Kb)
or from a mirror at Germany, following this link.

The package includes a directory with some html files which explain every single line of code written for this tutorial.

Alternatively, some of these pages are also online, and you can browse them from this link.

For those of you preferring to read spanish , you can download a spanish version of the explanations (translated by my brother, Rafael) from the following link : kdetutorial-es-1.0.2.tar.bz2 (21 Kb.) . This version only includes the documents, so you'll need the full version (above) to compile the example applications. Also, it's currently out of sync, as the translated version is 1.0.2, while the latest one is 1.1.2

The spanish documents are browsable at this link online.

Of special importance is this page, which explains how to setup a machine to work with a KDE snapshot, where to download the required packages from, etc. You can also read this document for a more detailed explanation on how to configure a system to work with KDE 2 without removing your KDE 1 installation.

Latest News

28 Jan 2001
- There's a new release of the tutorial (1.1.2). Fixes to work with KDE 2.0 and later, use KMainWindow instead of KTMainWindow which is deprecated (thanks to D. Wenglorz for noticing how old the tutorial was getting :) ), and some more things I don't remember (check the CHANGELOG file for more information).

3 Jun 2000
- I wrote a broken link in my last update of this page. It's been fixed now

27 May 2000
- There's a new bugfixing release of the tutorial (1.1.1) . Thanks to Yoo-Shin Park and Christopher Molnar for reporting some problems they found.

9 Apr 2000
- New version of the tutorial, which contains changes to work with the current KDE snapshots, and a new chapter that explains how to use the KXMLGUI framework (and which reduces p7 in a 17 % of its size !!)

6 Jan 2000
- Markus Johansson pointed me to some code that could be dangerous in certain situations, so I've avoided it in the 1.0.2 version. Also, Francois-Xavier Duranceau sent me the french po files for the tutorial applications. Thanks to both !

28 Dec 1999
- Thanks to Karl-Heinz Zimmer, there's now a mirror at http://www.snafu.de/%7Ekhz/Larrosa/tutorial.html, this should be quite faster for most of you at north-Europe.

27 Dec 1999
- Rafael Larrosa (my brother :-) ), translated the tutorial to Spanish (thing that I should have done, but I'm too lazy) . Thanks Rafael !
(btw, I haven't read it, but I suppose it's right :) )

26 Dec 1999
- Ferdinand Gassauer pointed me to a problem with the Makefiles, it's fixed now in the 1.0.1 version.

23 Dec 1999
- First version of this page