The Zero Conditional Exercise at Auto-English

The Zero Conditional Exercise at Auto-English

Use the conditions and results in the box to complete the phrases below.



you've got a headache
you don't wear a crash helmet
you heat it to 100 ºc
she comes home very late
you leave gates open in the country
you add sugar
you get pink
A dog bites
the dvd player comes on
Butter melts
it scratches you
You have more chance of being killed


1 Water boils if _______________________________________________ .
2 If you mix red and white _______________________________________________ .
3 _______________________________________________ if you leave it in the sun.
4 If _______________________________________________ , take an aspirin.
5 If _______________________________________________ , it tastes sweet.
6 _______________________________________________ if you go near its food when it's eating.
7 If you pull a cat's tail, _______________________________________________ .
8 _______________________________________________ if you don't wear a seat belt.
9 You can end up brain damaged if _______________________________________________ .
10 If you press this switch, _______________________________________________ .
11 If _______________________________________________ , her folks get very angry.
12 Farmers get very angry if _______________________________________________ .


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004