Make, Let and Allowed to Exercise

Make, Let & To Be Allowed to Exercise at Auto-English

I'm not allowed to play with Dad's train set


I don't have permission to use it
Dad lets me use his computer on Saturdays


I have permission to use it
Mum makes me clean my room on Saturdays - She forces me to do it

Fill the gaps with make, let or to be allowed to in the correct form.

1 I know! We could go to the seaside tomorrow. Daddy ____________________ me use his car on Sundays.
2 I____________________ use Daddy's car on Sundays so why don't we go to the seaside tomorrow?
3 I don't ____________________ the cats sleep on the bed.
4 My cats ____________________  sleep on the bed. (NEGATIVE)
5 You can't ____________________ me go to your cousin's wedding.
6 A: Are you coming on the camping trip with us?
B: No, I____________________ . (NEGATIVE)
7 Dad ____________________ me use his car all weekend. It was great.
8 Put that cigarette out, please. You____________________ smoke in here. (NEGATIVE)
9 My evil parents ____________________ me study for my exams all last weekend!
10 My mean brother refuses to ____________________ me use his computer.
11 Mum ____________________ me try on a brown dress in the shop. It was so embarrassing.
12 Sssh! You____________________ talk in the library. (NEGATIVE)
13 A: Why the heck did you do it?
B: They ____________________ me.
14 Come on! ____________________ me have a go.
15 A: I____________________ go to the disco anymore. (NEGATIVE)
B: Really?! Your parents are mean, horrible and cruel!
16 Mum ____________________ me do all the washing up last Sunday.
17 Excuse me, young lady. I don't think you____________________  smoke in here.
18 I was so relieved. I only got a four in my essay but the teacher didn't ____________________ me do it again.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003