Alone, Lonely and Only Exercise at Auto-English

Alone, Lonely and Only Exercise answers


alone is a physical state
lonely is an emotion
1 I think if I lived in the country, I'd get lonely.
2 Bob needs to be alone at least two hours a day in order to be happy.
3 Travelling alone has its pros and cons.
4 Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm working?
5 Whenever I feel lonely, I phone up a friend.
6 I only ever buy meat from the butcher's and never from supermarkets.
7 My cats will only eat the most expensive food on the market.
8 Although Mrs Parkhurst lives alone, she says she never gets lonely.
9 It's funny how easy it is to feel lonely in such a crowded city like London.
10 The only reason I put up with Juan is because he's my wife's brother.
11 The Prancing Pony was the only pub in the entire village.
12 Never walk down that street alone at night.
13 That old man lives alone in an enormous house.
14 My dog stops me from feeling lonely.
15 She needs to have people around her the whole time. She hates being alone.
16 Oh no! There's only one chocolate biscuit left.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004