The A, An and The Exercise at Auto-English

The A, An and The Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with a, an or the.


Excuse me. Have you got ______ time?

2 I want ______  new printer for Christmas.
3 I was four the first time I saw ______ elephant.
4 I spoke to ______ boss this morning about having next Friday off.
5 It was ______ exciting movie.
6 She had ______  boiled egg for breakfast.
7 Have ______  nice day.
8 Where did you buy ______ oranges?
9 ______ apple a day keeps the doctor away.
10 ______ avalanche killed four skiers in Austria today.
11 ______  huge ape ran out of the forest and stole my picnic hamper.
12 Can you tell me ______ way to the post office, please?
13 My students like to do their activity books lying on ______ floor.
14 Samantha's bought a new car. It's ______ red one, parked next to that motorbike.
15 I like this jumper but it's brown. Have you got it in ______ different colour?
16 It's such ______  nice day that I think I'll go and read my book in the park.
17 ______ River Thames flows right through the middle of London.
18 I saw ______ eagle hovering high above the valley.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005