As Soon As, If and Unless Exercise at Auto-English

As Soon As, If and Unless Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with as soon as, if, and unless.


We had a cup of tea _________________ we got home.

2 _________________ you see Lionel, tell him about the party.
3 _________________  Alfie saw Ruby, he knew they were going to be special friends.
4 Please phone me _________________  you get in.
5 I generally wash up before I go to bed _________________ I'm feeling too tired.
6 _________________ it's raining, I do the washing on Tuesdays.
7 _________________ it's raining, I won't do the washing.
8 _________________ my English class is cancelled again, I'll go and see Lost in Translation at the cinema.
9 We can rent a dvd this Friday _________________ of course you'd rather go out.
10 She always checks her email _________________ she gets to the office.
11 _________________ you go online, check the headlines, will you?
12 _________________ my boss says no, I'm going to take Friday off.
13 Buy me a paper, please, _________________ you go past a newsagent's.
14 I don't normally buy magazines _________________ I'm going on a long journey.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005