Beat, Earn and Win Exercise at Auto-English

Beat, Earn and Win Exercise answers

1 It's none of your business how much I earn.
2 Samantha's just bought a red convertible. She must have won the lottery.
3 When I beat Jonathan at table tennis, he got very angry.
4 No one I know has ever beaten her at pool. She's a great player.
5 A: Who won? Valencia or Real Madrid?
B: Valencia, of course.
6 Zaragossa beat Arsenal every time they meet.
7 Jim was earning big money before he went off to teach in Thailand.
8 I love my job but I need to earn more money.
9 England won The World Cup in 1966. They beat Germany.
10 Spain beat Australia in The Davis Cup.
11 He beat me in the first round but I won in the end.
12 I dare you to beat me at tiddlywinks.
13 You deserve a holiday. You've really earned it.
14 Teachers in London don't earn enough to buy a house.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004