Been and Gone Exercise at Auto-English

Been and Gone Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either been or gone.


Have you ever ___________ to Thailand?

2 I can't find my stapler. It's ___________ .
3 A: Hello. Is Monica there?
B: No, she isn't. She's ___________ out.
4 Have you ___________ to the post office yet?
5 I'm so upset. The cat's ___________ missing.
6 The cat's ___________ missing for two days.
7 Kitty! Where have you ___________ ?
8 When I woke up, my money and my mobile were ___________ .
9 How long has it ___________ since you were last in Madrid?
10 It's time to party. My parents have ___________ away for the weekend.
11 Blast! I've ___________ and left my gloves in the library.
12 Mary! Why have you ___________ all red?
13 I'm knackered. I've ___________ in a meeting all morning.
14 I've ___________ to Carboneras, Las Negras and San Josť.
15 A: I haven't seen Miguel for ages.
B: He's ___________ to Lisbon for a year on a student exchange scheme. He won't be back until Christmas.
16 When I got out of the river, all my clothes were ___________ .


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003