"Had Better and Would Rather" Exercise - answers

"Had Better and Would Rather" Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with had/'d better or would/'d rather.

1 It's getting dark. We_______________ go back now.
2 A: Can I borrow your car?
B: You_______________ not!
3 A: Can I borrow your camera?
B: I_______________ you didn't.
4 You know, I_______________ you didn't smoke in front of the kids.
5 You_______________ take insect repellant if you're camping near a lake.
6 I_______________ go to Altea than bloody Benidorm any day.
7 We_______________ you didn't hang out with Craig. He's bad news.
8 They_______________ have everything ready for when our clients arrive or I'll skin them alive.
9 I_______________ not drink on Friday or I won't be in a fit state for the journey.
10 You_______________ take a bit of time to think this one over carefully.
11 You_______________ not breathe a word about this to David.
12 A: Mike, I_______________ you didn't wear jeans in the office.
B: Craig, I'd rather you weren't my boss!


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004