Both, Either and Neither Exercise

Either, Neither or Both Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either, neither or both.

1 A: Do you want ice cream or apple pie?
B: Can I have ____________, please.
2 I'm sorry. There isn't enough to go round. You can only have ____________ ice cream or pie.
3 Tony wasn't in class today. ____________ was Caroline. Hmm.
4 How embarrassing! We're ____________ wearing the same jumper.
5 Michael Jackson or Madonna? I don't like ____________ of them.
6 I found two pairs of nice jeans in the sales so I bought ____________.
7 Both streets go to the station. You can take ____________.
8 A: Are you  Leo or Virgo?
B: ____________. I'm Pisces.
9 So who's bringing a tent, ____________ you or Michael?
10 A: What shall we have for lunch, pasta or rice?
B: ____________ will do. I really don't mind.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003