Commonly Confused Words Exercise at Auto-English

Commonly Confused Words Exercise answers

1 Do you accept payment by credit card? (accept / except)
2 Everybody turned up at Fiona's party except her exboyfriend. (accept / except)
3 What effect did the high altitude have on you? (affect / effect)
4 Did the high altitude affect you when you were in Quito? (affect / effect)
5 She gave me some excellent advice about my girlfriend. (advice / advise)
6 I advise you not to get involved in Sandra and Mike's problems.
7 We need to find something to complement the curtains. (complement / compliment)
8 She got annoyed with me because I didn't compliment her on her new hair style. (complement / compliment)
9 Don't tell anyone about my promotion. I want to be as discreet about it as possible. (discreet / discrete)
10 Catalan and Valencian are not discrete languages. (discreet / discrete)
11 The weather forecast says that rain is imminent. (eminent / imminent)
12 Professor Pachorro is very eminent among brain surgeons. (eminent / imminent)
13 I wanted to see the exhibition about Manet in the Prado gallery in Madrid. (exhibition / expedition)
14 A recent Spanish expedition to the Antarctic has been collecting data about global warming. (exhibition / expedition)
15 The South Downs, a range of hills running across Sussex, are not very high. (high / tall)
16 Tom Cruise is not tall. He's short. (high / tall)
17 This is an ingenious device for opening bottles. (ingenious / ingenuous)
18 Your argument is irrelevant. Just tell me why you are in favour of a military solution. (irrelevant / irreverent)
19 If you want to be a champion, you have to practise everyday. (practice / practise)
20 Learning to dance the salsa is a question of going to classes and lots of practice. (practice / practise)


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004