Although, despite and inspite of Exercise

Although, Despite and Inspite of Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with although, despite or inspite.

1 _______________ my warnings, he went to Colombia.
2 _______________ she didn't want to see The Lord of the Rings, she enjoyed it in the end.
3 _______________  of being bad at pool, she beat him three times in a row.
4 They visited Madrid _______________ they didn't have time to visit El Prado.
5 _______________ it was raining, we decided to go anyway.
6 She decided to go abroad for a year _______________ loving her boyfriend very much.
7 He went on holiday to Thailand _______________  of the expensive airfare.
8 _______________ it was only the first time they met, they made friends immediately.
9 The English actor Oliver Reed was often rude to people _______________ he was always kind to animals.
10 Socrates never had much money _______________ being very famous in his own day.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003