During and For Exercise at Auto-English

During and For Exercise at Auto-English

We use during when we refer to a specific event or action which happens inside a defined period of time.


I read more during the summer

We use for to describe the duration of an action. e.g. I was watching telly for three hours last night.

Fill each gap with during or for.


What do you do _______________ the holidays?

2 The little boy was trapped under the rubble _______________ six hours.
3 I had to wait for the bus this morning _______________ more than 40 minutes. Boring!
4 I visited a lot of interesting places _______________ my trip to Greece, including the island of Delos.
5 I never go out _______________ the week.
6 They've been married _______________ 15 years.
7 What did your father do _______________ the general strike?
8 There were no incidents _______________ this year's Oscar ceremony. Boring!
9 The Fellowship of The Ring lasted _______________ more than two and a half hours.
10 My Mum fell asleep _______________ the film.
11 We had ice cream _______________ the interval.
12 They were only together for about a year _______________ the war.
13 He was talking about his work _______________ at least two hours. Boring!
14 The boss was suddenly taken ill _______________ the meeting. I think it was the cigar.
15 Tragically, Claudia and Carlos fell out _______________ their honeymoon.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005