The False Friends Exercise at Auto-English

The False Friends Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps by choosing the most appropiate answer in brackets.


Did you know that Chrissie got ________________ (embarrassed/pregnant) on holiday in Ibiza?

2 The ________________ (signature/subject) I hate most is maths.
3 Begonia is a very ________________ (kind /sympathetic) person.
4 Keep ________________ (removing/stirring) the soup the whole time.
5 I couldn't agree more. That's a very ________________ (sensible/sensitive) idea.
6 The film The Quiet American was a box-office ________________ (exit/success).
7 How many ________________ (idioms/languages) can you speak?
8 ________________ (Actually/Nowadays) I'm living with my parents again.
9 The poor live in the ________________ (slums/suburbs).
10 The police came to my ________________ (assistance/attendance).
11 I've got ________________ (a cold/constipation). Pass me a tissue, please.
12 I was only living with my parents ________________ (eventually/temporarily).
13 The government have ________________ (inverted/invested) a lot of money in the new scheme.
14 Do not ________________ (invert/invest) this package.
15 The Englishman wearing navy blue socks with sandals is a bit of a ________________ (stereotype/topic) in Spain.
16 He never stops moving some part of his body. He finds it impossible to ________________ (keep quiet/keep still).
17 We didn't enjoy the wedding ________________ (absolutely/at all).
18 English is very ________________ (important/interesting) for my job.
19 All my immediate family live in England but I have a lot of ________________ (parents/relatives) in Canada.
20 My ________________ (journey/working day) is from 8 am to 5 pm but it only take me twenty minutes to get to the office.
21 The Red Cross are ________________ (controlling/monitoring) the situation in the north very closely.
22 The rebels are ________________ (controlling/monitoring) the entire north of the country.
23 ________________ (Eventually/Temporarily), we decided to go on holiday rather than buy a home cinema kit.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005