"From and of" Preposition Exercise at Auto-English

"From and Of" Preposition Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either from or of.

1 He's suffering  ___________ hay fever.
2 She has a terrible fear ___________ birds.
3 More than half ___________ the city was affected by the flooding.
4 The student part of the city is south ___________  the river.
5 ___________ time to time we go and see a play at the theatre.
6 That was very kind  ___________ you to help my daughter with her homework.
7 Are you aware ___________ the problem of cutting down the forests?
8 The film was different ___________ what I expected.
9 Have you heard ___________ your brother lately?
10 Have you heard ___________ a book called Gheisha by Lesley Downer?
11 I'm so tired ___________ all the adverts on T.V.
12 The boss died ___________ a massive heart attack.
13 What we really need to know is the cause ___________ the problem.
14 What do you make ___________ Wendy?
15 ___________ my point of view, Channel Two is the best one.
16 The famous T.V. personality was accused ___________ stealing a jar of instant coffee.
17 I had problems with that printer ___________ the word go.
18 ___________ now on I'm going to go to bed early in the week.
19 Has this book been translated___________  Spanish to English?
20 Jemima reminds me___________ a cousin of mine.
21 So many people are terrified___________ spiders.
22 I borrowed an excellent book ___________ the library last wee0k0.
23 Children need to be protected ___________ explicit programmes.
24 It was good ___________ you to come.
25 It was good ___________ the start.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005