Will or Going to Exercise

Going to or Will ? Exercise at Auto-English

going to
-when you can see what's going to happen

-immediate decisions

-scientific predictions

Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets using either the going to or will form of the future tense.


Sally: There's no milk left!

Betty: Oh. I _______________  some from the shop. (get) 
2 The population of Valencia _______________  2 million by the year 2010. (reach)
3 Mum: I told you to tidy up your room.
Son:  Sorry, Mum, I forgot. I _______________  it after lunch.(do)
4 Sally: Why don't we meet for coffee on Friday morning?
Willy:  Sorry. I can't. I _______________  the doctor then. (see)
5 "Tomorrow _______________  a bright and sunny day everywhere in Spain, except in La Coruña," said the weatherwoman. (be)
6 Look at that big black cloud. I think it _______________  . (rain)
7 Sally: What are your plans for the week-end?
Betty: Brad Pitt phoned. We _______________  on a picnic. (go)
8 Betty: Have you booked the flights yet?
Sally: Don't worry. It's all organized. I _______________  to the travel agent's tomorrow morning. (go)
9 In the future people _______________  bigger heads. (have)
10 If we miss the bus, we _______________  a taxi. (take)
11 Next month I _______________  a DVD player.  (buy)
12 When _______________  you _______________  another party?  (have)
13 I've got to go to the dentist this morning. _______________  you _______________  with me?  (come)
14 Oh no! I think I _______________  .  (sneeze)
15 Fanny:  I can't open this jar.
Leslie:  Give it to me. I _______________  it.  (do)
Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004