Hard, Heavy and Strong Collocations Exercise at Auto-English

Hard, Heavy and Strong Collocations Exercise - answers

1 She's a heavy smoker. That's why she always stinks of smoke.
2 I can swim but I'm not a strong swimmer.
3 A little hard work never hurt anyone.
4 That exam was really hard.
5 I wish she wouldn't use such strong language in front of the kids.
6 You need strong nerves to be a fireman.
7 Sam's such a heavy sleeper. He slept right through the hurricane.
8 I like beer and wine but I avoid strong-drink like whisky and gin.
9 Ernest Hemmingway was known for being a heavy drinker.
10 I'm not very hard on my students. We play lots of games and I never give them any homework.
11 She was given a heavy fine for drink driving, and she deserved it too.
12 Brenda doesn't like olives, capers or anything with a strong flavour.
13 A: I failed my maths test.
B: Hard cheese! You should have tried revising for it.
14 There's no school today due to the heavy snow.
15 Her new book has received a lot of strong criticism.
16 Although he's thin and weak-looking, he's really as hard as nails.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003