"In and On" Preposition Exercise

"In and On" Preposition Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either in or on.

1 There was a dog sitting __________ the middle of the street.
2 She keeps a cool head __________ an emergency.
3 We go to the cinema once or twice a month __________ average.
4 I prefer to use internet __________ my own time.
5 I often buy a magazine to read __________ the train.
6 Suddenly it dawned __________ me why she was so angry.
7 Miguel was __________ the phone for ages last night.
8 Christian's always __________ trouble with his parents.
9 I would say that __________ balance you've made the right decision.
10 Brian isn't very keen __________ seafood.
11 There have been great improvements __________ public transport in the last few years.
12 I'm not interested __________ accounting at all, I'm afraid.
13 Don't worry. I'm __________ your side.
14 The Fallas festival in Valencia is __________ March.
15 Maggie! It's Sue __________ the line for you.
16 A Beautiful Mind is based __________ a true story.
17 It's not a bad movie __________ the whole.
18 We arrived just __________ time to catch the 08:12 train.
19 She's very reliable. She always arrives exactly __________ time.
20 There was a lot of rubbish __________ the street.
21 What's __________ TV tonight?
22 I know that word. It's __________ the tip of my tongue.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004