Irregular Verbs

Irregular Verb Exercises Part 1 at Auto-English

Use the verbs in the boxes to fill the gaps. Use your dictionary to check meanings.

1 Group One


hit put shut
cut let quit spread
1 The ticket ____________ a lot more than I originally expected to pay.
2 Blast! I've ____________ my finger.
3 When I told him I thought he was an idiot, he ____________ me.
4 My Dad ____________ me borrow his car last weekend.
5 Where did you ____________  today's paper? I can't find it.
6 She wasn't sacked. She ____________ her job.
7 When it started to rain, we ____________ all the windows.
8 The virus has ____________ from Asia to Europe.
3 Group Three
have make send
lend pay spend
1 The bank ____________ me the money to buy a new car.
2 We ____________ twelve faxes yesterday.
3 We ____________ the weekend in Cuenca.
4 His car is ____________ in France.
5 They ____________ me in cash.
6 We ____________ sardines for lunch.
2 Group Two
bring catch teach
buy fight think
1 Yesterday I ____________ the bus at exactly ten thirty.
2 Elizabeth ____________ about it a lot before she made her final decision.
3 They ____________ me back a lovely little wooden statue from Kenya as a souvenir.
4 My last English teacher was terrible. He ____________ me nothing.
5 I ____________ three new pens last week and now I can't find any.
6 Valencia FC ____________ hard to win the match.
4 Group Four


leave read
keep meet sleep
1 I ____________ terrible about the news.
2 They ____________ ringing me all day.
3 My boss ____________ the office very early yesterday.
4 I ____________ my cousin Natalia in the supermarket yesterday.
5 I only ____________ for two hours last night.
6 I ____________ three books this summer.
Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003