Irregular Verbs Exercise

Irregular Verb Exercises Part 2 at Auto-English

Use the verbs in the boxes to fill the gaps.

1 Group One


hear say sit tell
get lose sell stick win
1 They _____________ the apartment that they had in Gandia for a very good price.
2 He _____________ me his name but now I've forgotten it.
3 We _____________ home at three o'clock last night.
4 Sorry I'm late. I was _____________ in traffic.
5 Valencia FC _____________ The King's Cup in 1999.
6 I _____________ the news about The World Trade Centre on the radio.
7 We entered the restaurant, _____________ a table and sat down.
8 Sorry. I didn't hear what you _____________ .
9 We were all a bit hot and tired so we all _____________ down on the grass.
10 I've _____________ three umbrellas this month. Terrible! I'm so careless.
3 Group Three
drive fall give ride take
eat forget hide shake write
1 We _____________ all night to get to France.
2 Have you ever _____________ a horse?
3 I've _____________ a letter to my bank manager.
4 We _____________ hands at the end of the meeting.
5 She had a headache so she _____________ an aspirin.
6 I _____________ too much for dinner yesterday and I feel fat.
7 My sister _____________ me a watch for Christmas.
8 He _____________ over on the wet floor and broke his wrist.
9 She _____________ the money under the mattress.
10 Blast! We _____________ to buy milk.
2 Group Two


break X2 come see steal
become choose freeze speak
1 I've never _____________ to Caceres.
2 Have you _____________ Sarah today?
3 Mr Aznar _____________ president in 1996.
4 Has Beatriz _____________ back from lunch yet?
5 Rita _____________ her leg skiing.
6 What colour have you _____________  for the curtains?
7 It was so cold that the lake _____________ over.
8 She _____________ fluent French on holiday last year.
9 My purse's been _____________.
10 A friend's kid _____________ my stereo.
Written by Rob Wilson İRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004