"Know and Meet" Exercise at Auto-English

"Know and Meet" Exercise - answers

1 I met her in a pub in Halesowen last summer.
2 I've known her for a year now.
3 Do you know a boy called John Frum?
4 I met Arthur in the supermarket yesterday.
5 Although Simon didn't know anyone at the party, he quickly made friends with everyone.
6 Jim met a lot of nice people on his trip to Iceland.
7 Do you know anyone living in Qingdao?
8 Have you ever met anyone famous going out in Madrid??
9 Do you know anyone famous?
10 I'm sure I've met you somewhere before.
11 Where did you two meet?
12 How long have you known her?
13 Where did you meet on your first date?
14 A: How well do you know Jackie?
B: Not as well as I'd like to.
15 We'll meet again some sunny day.
16 Look! It's him. I'd know that face anywhere. Call the cops.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003