Lexical Phrases with Give, Have and Take Exercise at Auto-English

Lexical Phrases with Give, Have and Take Exercise answers

1 I took Mum's advice and went on holiday to Greece after my break-up with my partner.
2 Miguel gave me some sound advice about buying a new printer.
3 Granny's had a big operation on her hip and is recovering fine.
4 I've been having terrible problems trying to change the format of my sound files.
5 Begonia took about 150 photos when she went on holiday to Ireland.
6 Sometimes in life you have to take a risk.
7 Monica is going to give us a lift to the station tomorrow morning.
8 Well, I hope you have a good time at the wedding.
9 I remember Jim had a terrible sore throat when he came to Valencia to see "Las Fallas".
10 I had a real laugh at Doug's party last Saturday.
11 Please give Mrs Pilchard my regards, would you please?
12 Don't take any notice of what they say to you.They're just jealous of your success.
13 It's time the goverment took more interest in environmental issues.
14 I'm going to take some time off work in order to finish the book I'm writing.
15 I suggest you have a look at that website about restoring old furniture.
16 Why don't you give Gerard a call and see if he wants to come round for lunch?
17 She has a real insight into politics and stuff like that.
18 My going-out with Clare has nothing to do with you.
19 I took part in three demonstrations against the war.
20 Would you mind giving me a hand to paint the garage door this Saturday?
Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004