Like and Want Exercise at Auto-English

Like and Want Exercise answers

1 They want to visit The Tate Gallery when they go to London.
2 They'd like to visit The Natural History Museum.
3 Angela doesn't want to see The Last Samurai.
4 My parents want me to read more.
5 Nuria likes it when they give her flowers.
6 Her dad never really liked his father-in-law, although they never argued or anything.
7 What would you like to do this Saturday, pet?
8 I don't want to do anything at all this Sunday apart from relax.
9 My girlfriend doesn't like me playing video games the whole time. She wants us to do other things.
10 Her  parents want her to avoid Columbia when she goes on her trip round South America.
11 I love chocolates. That's exactly the reason I don't want any in my house. I'd get fat instantly.
12 So what do you want for Christmas? More socks?
13 My boyfriend doesn't like it when I arrive late.
14 David likes people. That's why he wants to be a doctor.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004