Make or do exercise answers

Do or Make Exercise - answers


The house was a disaster. They made a terrible mess.

2 Have you made all the arrangements yet?
3 Vincent: English football fans came to Valencia last weekend.
Maria: Did they do any damage?
4 Listen. I made lunch so you can do the washing up. It's only fair.
5 What he did was terrible. He didn't even make an apology.
6 They're making plans for their wedding.
7 Bob: Richie and I have had a fight.
Julio: Not again! You should make amends once and for all.
8 Who's going to make dinner? You or me?
9 Be careful that you make the right decision.
10 He's made an appointment to see the dentist on Thursday.
11 Would you do me a favour and feed the cat while I'm away.
12 We normally do the shopping on Saturday mornings.
13 Before you go out, you have to do your homework, OK?
14 This cake is delicious. Did you really make it?
15 I always make my bed before breakfast.
16 Everyone made a big effort to help yesterday.
17 The doctor told me I have to do exercise regularly.
18 She does crossword puzzles on the train everyday.
19 Stop making a fuss. I'm perfectly alright.
20 I made a really terrible mistake in my driving test.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003