There is very little difference in meaning between the verbs make and do.

Unfortunately we either use make or do in expressions and if you use the wrong one by mistake, it does not cloud the meaning but it does sounds funny.

I'm afraid the only way to use make and do correctly is to study the expressions. Sorry.

There are less expressions that use do so I suggest you memorize those, read through the make column and then do the exercise, Good luck!



to make an agreement
to make amends
to make an apology
to make an appointment
to make the arrangements
to make the bed
to make a cake*
to make a complaint
to make a deal
to make a decision
to make difficulties
to make an effort
to make an excuse
to make a fortune
to make friends
to make fun of someone
to make a fuss
to make a living
to make a mess
to make a mistake
to make a noise
to make an offer
to make a phone call
to make plans
to make a profit
to make progress
to make a promise
to make a suggestiom
to make a trip
to make up one's mind
*We also say to bake a cake
to do your best
to do crosswords
to do damage
to do exercise
to do the ironing
to do someone a favour
to do science, maths etc.
to do your homework
to do the shopping
to do someone good
to do the washing up
to do well
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