Make or Do exercise

Do or Make Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either do or make in the correct form.


The house was a disaster. They ________________ a terrible mess.

2 Have you ________________ all the arrangements yet?
3 Vincent: English football fans came to Valencia last weekend.
Maria: Did they ________________ any damage?
4 Listen. I made lunch so you can ________________ the washing up. It's only fair.
5 What he did was terrible. He didn't even ________________ an apology.
6 They're ________________ plans for their wedding.
7 Bob: Richie and I have had a fight.
Julio: Not again! You should ________________ amends once and for all.
8 Who's going to ________________ dinner? You or me?
9 Be careful that you ________________ the right decision.
10 He's ________________ an appointment to see the dentist on Thursday.
11 Would you ________________ me a favour and feed the cat while I'm away.
12 We normally ________________ the shopping on Saturday mornings.
13 Before you go out, you have to ________________ your homework, OK?
14 This cake is delicious. Did you really ________________ it?
15 I always ________________ my bed before breakfast.
16 Everyone ________________ a big effort to help yesterday.
17 The doctor told me I have to ________________ exercise regularly.
18 She ________________ crossword puzzles on the train everyday.
19 Stop ________________ a fuss. I'm perfectly alright.
20 I ________________ a really terrible mistake in my driving test.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005