Modal Verbs of Deduction at Auto-English

Modal Verbs of Deduction Exercise at Auto-English

Check through the different uses.

1 to express possibilities for the future MAY, MIGHT, COULD  It may rain tomorrow.
2 to express certainty CAN'T, COULDN'T, MUST She can't be Irish.
3 for possible explanations MAY, MIGHT, COULD She could be Scottish.

Look at the following phrases and write in which type you think they are. Then use one of the modal verbs in brackets to fill the gaps.

1 _______ They (may/must)________________ be away for the weekend but I'm not sure.
2 _______ He (can/could)________________ be French, judging by his accent.
3 _______ They (can't/may)________________ still be out!
4 _______ With luck, tomorrow (can't/could)________________ be a sunny day.
5 _______ You (can/might)________________ be right but I'm going to check anyway.
6 _______ The exam (can't/might)________________ be easy. You never know.
7 _______ It (may/can't)________________ be true about a sauropod dinosaur living in Lake Telé in the Congo. It's impossible.
8 _______ Dave reckons she's from The States but I think she (can't/might)________________ be from Scandinavia.
9 _______ I (can't/might)________________ go to the party but I'm not sure yet.
10 _______ This (must/could)________________ be the right answer but we'll have to check with your teacher to make sure.
11 _______ She (can't/could)________________ steal things from shops. She's rich and famous.
12 _______ I really think Real Madrid (can't/could)________________ lose the final of the King's Cup.
13 _______ She's been revising 10 hours a day for 3 weeks. She (could/must)________________ be exhausted.
14 _______ Nobody's answering. They (can't/must)________________ be out.
15 _______ He (can't/may)________________ be from the USA. He doesn't speak English.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004