Modal verb Exercise at Auto-English

Would/should or ought to/might + have + past participle Exercise at Auto-English

Use the verb in brackets to fill the gaps.

1 If I had gone to the sales, I'm sure I ___________________ something. (to buy)
2 Clare was very upset you didn't go to her birthday party. You ___________________ . (to go)
3 No one's answering the phone.They ___________________  out. (to go)
4 The lights are out. They ___________________  to sleep. (to go)
5 We ___________________  Dave to the party if we had known he was in town. (to invite)
6 You ___________________  at Samantha. She'll never forgive you. (to shout-NEGATIVE)
7 I ___________________  to have done some acting when I was younger. (to love)
8 You ___________________  to the pub on Saturday. We had a great time. (to come)
9 She ___________________  her mind. I'm not sure. (to change)
10 You ___________________  so much money on CDs. You'll have problems getting to the end of the month now. (to spend-NEGATIVE)


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004