"Miss and Lose" Exercise at Auto-English

"Lose and Miss" Exercise - answers

1 I lost the thread of the conversation.
2 I missed the fast train to Seville.
3 I got lost in the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia.
4 My stapler's missing from my desk! Who's had it?
5 My brother lives in Thailand. I miss him a lot.
6 I lost quite a lot of money on the stock exchange last year.
7 When he told me he couldn't pay me, I lost my temper.
8 A member of the expedition went missing in a blizzard.
9 In my job, I lose a lot of valuable time travelling between clients.
10 You've missed the point. I don't care about the money.
11 Sarah and Dave are missing. Why aren't they here?
12 Take a map so you don't get lost.
13 Oh no! My credit card is missing from my wallet.
14 When my hard disc died, I lost everything.
15 A good sportsperson knows how to lose with good grace.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005