Don't Have to and Mustn't Exercise at Auto-English

Don't Have to and Mustn't Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with either don't have to or mustn't in the correct form.


Sally! You ___________ say rude words like that!

2 Tommy! You ___________ pick your nose in class. It's really disgusting.
3 You ___________  finish the exercise now. You can finish it at home.
4 James ___________  go to church if he doesn't want to.
5 You ___________ drive so aggressively. You'll end up killing someone.
6 Helen ___________ make racist comments. It makes her seem really ignorant.
7 David ___________  answer your emails. There's no law about it.
8 It's OK. You ___________  pay now. You can pay me at the end of the month.
9 You ___________ stay out so late without ringing me. I was worried sick.
10 You ___________ let the cats sleep on my clean shirts. Look. They're covered in hairs.
11 You ___________  have lunch with my parents. I'm not forcing you.
12 I ___________ forget to phone Granny. It's her birthday tomorrow.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005