Need, Needn't and Should Exercise at Auto-English

Need, Needn't and Should Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with need, needn't or should.


Remember you ___________ to take a torch and a tin-opener when you go camping.

2 You ___________ go to the shop. I've already bought the milk.
3 You ___________ say sorry to your teacher for being late. It's only polite.
4 You ___________ bother washing up. I'll do it in the morning.
5 She ___________ go to church if she doesn't want to. It's not obligatory.
6 If you want to pass all your exams, you ___________ to make a good study plan.
7 If there's anything you ___________ , let me know.
8 You ___________ go and see Granny. You know how happy it makes her.
9 Cheese and biscuits ___________ to be kept in tupperware containers; otherwise the cheese goes hard and the biscuits go soft.
10 You ___________ pay now. You can pay me next week.
11 Clare and Simon ___________ bring their car. There's plenty of room for them in ours.
12 Families ___________ spend more time talking, instead of just watching the telly.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005