The Past Perfect or Past Simple exercise

The Past Perfect or The Past Simple at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets using either the past perfect or the past simple tenses.


By the time we got to the cinema the film ______________ (to start), so we missed the first five minutes.
2  When I rang the bell there was no answer. The neighbour told me that they ______________ (to go out) about half an hour ago.
3 I saw Casablanca for the first time last night. I ______________ (to see NEGATIVE) it before.
4 I feel fat. I ______________ (to have) a huge lunch.
5  I spent a week in Miami recently. I ______________  there before.
6 There was so much to see in Toledo. I wanted to see everything but I ______________ (to have NEGATIVE) enough time.
7 If I ______________ (to know) about the concert, I would have gone.
8 If you ______________ (to take) my advice, it wouldn't have happened.
9 We would have had an argument, if she ______________ (to mention) politics.
10 If you ______________ (to not park) there, you wouldn't have got a parking fine.
11 They found the body on a building site. It ______________ (to mutilate "in the passive!").
12 She told me she ______________ (to buy) a new car.
13 When he arrived, Eve wasn't there.  She ______________ (to leave) about five minutes before.
14 When we arrived back in Spain, they ______________ (to lose) our luggage. We only had to wait to two days to get it back though, and they delivered it to the house.
15 When I ______________ (to get back), nobody had done the washing up. I was furious.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005