The Third Person S Exercise at Auto-English

The Third Person S Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with one of the words in brackets.


Jenny really ___________ Sammy. (like/likes)

2 Does Sammy ___________ Jenny? (like/likes)
3 Sadly, Sammy doesn't ___________ anyone except himself. (like/likes)
4 They absolutely ___________ swing music. (love/loves)
5 We always ___________ a swim in the river before lunch. (has/have)
6 ___________ anyone got the time? (Has/Have)
7 Nobody ___________ in that horrible old house. (live/lives)
8 All the critics ___________ that film is rubbish. (say/says)
9 Juli doesn't ___________ in the city centre anymore. (live/lives)
10 People ___________ films with a good story. (want/wants)
11 Does Begoņa ___________ cakes? (bake/bakes)
12 Everybody ___________ mistakes sometimes. (make/makes)
13 Bob doesn't ___________ to go out tonight. (want /wants)
14 Their daughter ___________ to university. (go/goes)
15 Her dog ___________ three cans of food a day. (eat/eats)


Written by Rob Wilson ŠRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004