Singular and Plural Exercise at Auto-English

Singular and Plural Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with the words in brackets using the correct form.


___________ are small and smelly. (child)

2 My old friend Jack Kane thinks that men and ___________ don't really like each other very much. (woman)
3 The police are looking for a ___________ with black hair and a red beard. (man)
4 Toby counted at least 2000 ___________ before he finally fell asleep. (sheep)
5 How  many roast ___________ do you want? (potato)
6 I saw three ___________ sitting on the temple walls. (monkey)
7 Valencia FC ___________ playing against Deportivo this Saturday. It will be a difficult match. (be)
8 The Spanish ___________ have plans to provide more computers for schools. (government)
9 People ___________ strange, when you're a stranger. (be)
10 Big ___________ need to consider what effects their products have on the environment. (company)
11 ___________ have broken into a museum and stolen a Picasso. (thief)
12 The trees leave ___________ all over the driveway. (leaf)
13 3 million Euros ___________ stolen from a bank yesterday. (be)
14 A new species of owl ___________ been discovered in The Amazon. (have)
15 The latest ___________ is that The Prince of Asturias is getting married. (new)
16 Blast! My favourite jeans ___________ still wet. (be)
17 Did you remember to bring the box of ___________ ? (match)
18 That road is always full of ___________ . (lorry)


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005