The Present Perfect exercise

The Present Perfect Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps with still, yet, already or just.


Jim sends his love. I've ______________ seen him in the high street.

2 We can't have chips again. We've ______________ had them three times this week.
3 I can't decide. I ______________ haven't made a decision.
4 I haven't phoned Begonia ______________. I'll do it when I get back from work.
5 Billy: Do you know anything about Sally?
Betty: Oh she's fine. I've ______________ spoken to her on the phone.
6 Monica says she's ______________ this minute caught the train so she'll be here in half an hour.
7 Betty: Have you cleaned the bathroom yet?
Billy: I've ______________ done it. I did it an hour ago.
8 We're going to a concert on Friday, but we haven't bought the tickets ______________.
9 Daphne ______________ hasn't bought the tickets. I hope she does it soon.
10 The government ______________ hasn't said anything about the oil slick.
11 Have you finished your homework ______________?
12 Bill: I've finished using the computer if you want to go online.
Ted: No, thanks. I've ______________ checked my email today.
13 I can't believe it. Begonia ______________ hasn't phoned me.
14 Bobby: Can I go online now, please?
Begonia: Sorry. I ______________ haven't finished using the computer.
15 Have you seen the movie Bowling for Columbine ______________?


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003