Short Answer Questions Test

Short Answer Questions Exercise at Auto-English

 Circle the correct answer.

 1 Are you from Ecuador?
A Yes, I am.
B Yes, he is.
C Yes, I are.
6 Billy: ______________ like chocolate?
  Sally: Yes, I do . I love it.
A Do you 
B Are you
C Does she
 2 Would you like to play Risk?
A No, I don't.
B No, I wouldn't.
C No, you wouldn't.
7 Sally: Is Andy going to bring his guitar to the party?
  Billy: Yes, ______________.
A he are
B you are
C he is.
 3 Would you like to play Monopoly?
A Yes, I like.
B Yes, I would.
C No, you wouldn't.
8 Sally: Are you and Tommy coming?
  Billy: Yes, ______________.
A we are
B we're.
C I am
 4 Can you play the guitar?
A Yes, I do.
B Yes, I can.
C Yes, I plays.
 9 Billy: Do you love Tommy?
  Sally: No, I don't but Betty ______________.
A is
B do
C does
 5 Are you going to the meeting?
A No, I not.
B No, I not go.
C No, I'm not.
10 Andy: Can you give me a hand?
  Billy: ______________
A Of course I can.
B No, I don't.
C Yes, I do.
Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005