Question Word Exercise at Auto-English

Question Word Exercise at Auto-English

Circle the correct answer. Fill the gaps when you´ve checked your answers.

1 ___________'s the post office?
A How much
B Who
C Where


___________ is your favourite football player?
A When
B What
C Who
2 ___________'s the president of France?
A Who
B Which
C Whose


___________ is The Atlantic Ocean?
A How deep
B How much
C How 
3 ___________ is your boyfriend. He looks about thirty.
A How much
B How old
C How long
8 Jimmy, you've grown so much. ___________ are you now?
A How long
B How much
C How tall
4 Billy: ___________ are you angry with me? I haven't done anything.
  Sally: Exactly.
A How
B What
C Why
9 Sally: ___________ do you take the dog for a walk?
  Jilly: Oh. Twice a day.
A With what frequency
B How often
C When
5 Billy: ___________ is Paris like?
  Marie: It's beautiful.
A How
B What
C Who
10 ___________ does it take to get from Valencia to Madrid by car?
A How many time
B How long
C How far

Written by Bob Wilson İRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005