"Remember and Remind" Exercise at Auto-English

"Remember and Remind" Exercise - answers

1 I can't remember anything about the accident at all.
2 Have you reminded Jack to bring his credit card?
3 I must remind myself to take my pills after lunch.
4 I must remember to take my pills after lunch.
5 Remind me to take my umbrella, please.
6 She forgot to remind him about the plumber coming.
7 You remind me of my cousin Zöe.
8 Do you remember the time we went to Songkhla and had that fantastic crab curry?
9 Sometimes Valencia reminds me of Sydney.
10 Come on. Try to remember what he was wearing.
11 Those funny trousers you're wearing remind me of Tintin.
12 The last thing he remembers/remembered was ordering another drink.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005