"Remember and Remind" Exercise at Auto-English

Remember and Remind Exercise at Auto-English


The difference between remember and remind is complicated. Please look up their definitions in a good dictionary and make notes.

Teresa reminds me of Scarlett Johansson
She reminded me to buy milk
She remembered to tell me to buy milk
I remember when you had long hair


Fill the gaps with remember and remind in the correct form, using the model sentences to help you.

1 I can't _____________ anything about the accident at all.
2 Have you _____________ Jack to bring his credit card?
3 I must _____________ myself to take my pills after lunch.
4 I must _____________ to take my pills after lunch.
5 _____________ me to take my umbrella, please.
6 She forgot to _____________ him about the plumber coming.
7 You _____________ me of my cousin Zöe.
8 Do you _____________ the time we went to Songkhla and had that fantastic crab curry?
9 Sometimes Valencia _____________ me of Sydney.
10 Come on. Try to _____________ what he was wearing.
11 Those funny trousers you're wearing _____________ me of Tintin.
12 The last thing he _____________ was ordering another drink.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005