Reported Speech exercise at Auto-English

Reported Speech Exercise at Auto-English

is seeing was seeing
sees saw
saw saw/had seen
has seen had seen
will see would see
is going to see was going to see
can see could see
here there
this that
these those
now then
today that day
yesterday the previous day
tomorrow the next day

Convert the phrases below into reported speech.

"It's raining," she said.
1 ______________________________________________
He said to her, "I love you."
2 ______________________________________________
"I saw Marķa in the supermarket yesterday," said  Carlos.
3 ______________________________________________
"We've lived here for three years," he said.
4 ______________________________________________
"I'll bring a pasta salad," said Francesca.
5 ______________________________________________
"Mark's going to install solar panels," said Miranda.
6 ______________________________________________
"They found gold here," said the geology teacher.
7 ______________________________________________
"Jenny can't speak French," said Pierre.
8 ______________________________________________
"I first met my wife in Seville," he told us.
9 ______________________________________________
"I want your homework handed in by tomorrow," he said.
10 ______________________________________________
"My mother made these cakes," said Juan.
11 ______________________________________________
"I'm feeling tired now," said David.
12 ______________________________________________


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004