Special verbs for Reported Speech Answers

Reporting Verbs Exercise - answers

1 "I didn't do it," she said.
She denied doing it.
2 "Have lunch with me," she said.
She invited me to have lunch with her.
3 "Why don't you buy one?" said Tom.
Tom suggested I buy one.
4 "I promise I'll take you to Prague," said Mary.
Mary promised to take me to Prague.
5 "I hope Andy phones tonight," said Clare.
Clare hoped Andy would phone that night.
6 "Please, please don't tell anyone!" he said.
He begged me not to tell anyone.
7 "I won't do it," he said.
He refused to do it.
8 "You should have lessons," she said.
She advised me to have lessons.
9 "We really must go with you," they said.
They insisted on going with me.
10 "Don't forget to phone Granny," said Mum.
Mum reminded me to phone Granny.
11 "If you wear my T-shirt again, I'll pinch you very hard," said Maggy.
Maggie threatened to pinch me very hard if I wore her T-shirt again.
12 "Don't fly kites near electric overhead cables," said my father.
My father warned me not to fly kites near electric overhead cables.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003