Reported Speech in Questions

Reported Speech for Questions at Auto-English

"Are you happy, Carla?" asked Bob.

Bob asked Carla if/whether she was/were happy.

Convert the questions below into reported speech.

"Can they play the piano?" she asked.
1 _____________________________________________________
"Has Sarah ever been to Siena?" he asked.
2 _____________________________________________________
"Are they French or Canadian?," asked Charlie.
3 _____________________________________________________
"Where do bears live?" asked George.
4 _____________________________________________________
"Who wants some more yoghurt ice cream?" asked Mum.
5 _____________________________________________________
"Are we going out tonight?" asked Bob.
6 _____________________________________________________
"Can I use your mobile, John?" asked Sarah.
7 _____________________________________________________
"Have you ever been to Lisbon?" Luis asked Paul.
8 _____________________________________________________
"What has Daddy made for dinner?" asked Simon.
9 _____________________________________________________
"Is the Pope a Catholic," asked JK.
10 _____________________________________________________
"Who won the match?" asked Monica.
11 _____________________________________________________
"Have you fed the cat yet, Philip?" asked Letizia.
12 _____________________________________________________
"How much does it cost?" asked Carlos.
13 _____________________________________________________
"Do you like fried eggs?" Anne asked David.
14 _____________________________________________________


Written by Rob Wilson İRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004