"Say and Tell" Exercise

"Say and Tell" Exercise at Auto-English

She said she didn't like it
She told me she didn't like it
What did she say to you?
What did she tell you?

Fill the gaps with the correct form of say or tell.

1 They _________________ on the news that everyone survived.
2 Come on. _________________ me everything.
3 You know what they _________________ about Bankok, don't you?
4 Mummy! The teacher _________________ a rude word in class today.
5 I hate the way she keeps _________________ me what to do.
6 Richie _________________ the same thing over and over again.
7 What did you _________________ to him?
8 What did you _________________ him?
9 He gave me his email address but he wouldn't _________________ what his phone number was.
10 He wouldn't _________________ me his phone number.
11 I thought she was my friend until I found out she'd _________________ all my secrets to everyone.
12 They _________________ that John's really mean with money.
13 He _________________ me I wasn't invited to the wedding.
14 She _________________ me all about her holiday in Sicily.
15 I couldn't understand a word of what he was trying to _________________ to me.
16 He _________________ me this funny story about what happened to him on holiday.
17 He wouldn't _________________ what the problem was.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005