Look, See and Watch Exercise at Auto-English

Look, See and Watch Exercise answers

1 Urgh! I'm tired. I stayed up late last night watching rubbish TV.
2 Have you seen that documentary about stroking great white sharks?
3 Look! A green dog.
4 Watch out! Don't step in that dog pooh.
5 Can you see that blonde girl with the glasses talking to Clare? Well, ...
6 The police have been watching that house for a fortnight now.
7 I don't really like him much. He never looks you in the eye.
8 Mum and Dad like to watch TV after lunch on Sundays.
9 Have you seen that advert on TV about the Elvis fan?
10 You can tell he hasn't acted before. He keeps looking at the camera.
11 I looked out of the window yesterday and saw a green dog. You can imagine my surprise.
12 If you look very carefully, you can see how well organized the ants are.
13 Why are you looking at me in that funny way?
14 Watch me closely and I'll show you how to dance the cha-cha-cha.
15 Look at me and I'll show you how to dance the fandango.
16 This fog's terrible. I can't see a thing.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2004